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No, the text for Cyberdark Dragon says: "This monster cannot be Special Summoned except by Fusion Summon..."

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Q: Can you summon Cyber Dark Dragon with Dimension Distortion?
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Can you summon proto-cyber dragon and then use polymerization with cyber dragon in your hand to summon cyber twin dragon?

Yes. The whole idea behind Proto-Cyber Dragon's name changing effect is to let it be used for Cyber Dragon support and fusion.

Can you use the effect of 'Cyber Stein' to summon 'Cyberdark Dragon'?

Cyberdark Dragon cannot be summoned except by Fusion Summon. Cyber Stein does not 'fusion summon' the fusion monsters is summons, it is only a special summon. It therefore cannot summon monsters like Dark Paladin, or Cyberdark Dragon.

How many Cyber Dargons equal a Cyber Barrier Dragon?

You can only tribute one "Cyber Dragon" on the field with "Attack Reflector Unit" in order to Special Summon "Cyber Barrier Dragon".

If it is your turn and you have cyber dragon in your hand with no monsters on the field can you special summon cyber dragon and then normal summon or set another monster?

well judging by you question, I'm assuming that your opponent has a monster on the field. if that's the case then yes, since cyber dragon's effect lets you special summon it-which doesn't count as a normal summon-which means you can still normal summon on the same turn.

Can you activate cyber dragon while your opponent is attacking?

Cyber Dragon doesn't have any activated effects. Cyber Dragon's special summon can only be performed on your own turn, in your main phases.

Can Versago the Destroyer be substituted for a Cyber Dragon when Fusion Summoning Cyber Twin Dragon?

No, "Versago the Destroyer" cannot be used as a Substitute-Fusion Material monster in the Fusion Summon of "Cyber Twin Dragon". "Cyber Twin Dragon" specifically states: A Fusion Summon of this card can only be conducted with the above Fusion Material Monsters. This card can be Special Summoned from the Extra Deck using "Cyber-Stein" or "Metamorphosis", but if it is Fusion Summoned, two "Cyber Dragon" cards must be used. The closest you can get to a Substitute-Fusion Material monster for "Cyber Twin Dragon" is if you have "Proto-Cyber Dragon" on the field. (It's card name is treated as "Cyber Dragon" while on the field.)

Can 'Call of the Haunted' be used to special summon 'Cyber Twin Dragon'?

As long as the 'Cyber Twin Dragon' was properly summoned initially, by Fusion Summon, and was then destroyed, then yes, you can resummon it from the graveyard with 'Call of the Haunted'. If the 'Cyber Twin Dragon' got to the graveyard by the following methods - sent from Extra Deck by 'Gale Dogra', special summoned but not Fusion Summoned by 'Cyber Stein', or had its Fusion Summon negated, then it cannot be special summoned from the graveyard.

Does armored cybern count towards the fusion summon of cyber end dragon?

It does not count as fusion material if it is equipped to cyber dragon. In the event that it is equipped to cyber dragon during the fusion for cyber end dragon armored cybern would be treated as a normal equip spell and would be sent to the graveyard.

What cards are needed for a Cyber Dragon Yu-Gi-Oh deck?

Cyber Dragon DeckMonsters: Cyber dragon (3)X- head cannonCyber phoenixProto cyber dragon (3)SupplyGyroidCyber jarCyber barrier dragonCyber laser dragonCyber orge (2)Cyber kirinCyber valleyCyber dragon zweiArmored cybernGear golem the moving fortressSpell cards:Polymerization (2)Power bondDifferent dimension capsulephoton generator unitDe-fusionFusion recoveryPremature burialLimiter removelLightning vortexTraps:Cyber summon blasterDust tornadoMichizureNegate attackDraining shieldNightmare wheelDamage polarizermagic cylinderFusion deck:Cyber end dragon (2)Cyber twin dragonCyber ogre 2chimeratech fortress dragonchimeratech overdragon

Can you tribute summon gorz?

Yes. Like Cyber Dragon, Gorz 'can' special summon himself with his effect, but he is not a 'special summon only' monster, he can be tribute summoned with two tributes, if you want.

If you fusion summoned chimeratech overdragon using cyber dragon cyber laser dragon and 3 other machine monsters if you used de-fusion would you be able to special summon cyber laser dragon back?

Cyber Laser Dragon cannot be special summoned 'except' by following the text on its own card. Even if you properly special summon it by this method, you cannot resummon it from the graveyard by cards like Monster Reborn, or De-Fusion.

Is it possible to use the light hex sealed fusion from the players hand without polymerization?

If you are talking about its effect to Special Summon a Fusion Monster with his effect, you can't. You have to have both The Light - Hex Sealed Fusion along with another Fusion Material, for example Cyber Dragon to Summon Cyber Twin Dragon, and Tribute both of them, and Special Summon Cyber Twin Dragon. His effect can be used to Tribute itself, including Cyber Twin, even if Cyber Twin says it can only use the above Fusion Materials for its Fusion Summon, but The Light Hex Sealed can be used as a substitute, since it is being used for a Special Summon, but not a Fusion Summon. If you are talking about his substitute effect, I'm not sure how you even can use that effect without the use of Polymerization.

Can you special summon Dragon master knight using cyber stein or Temple of the kings effect?

no, dragon master knight can only be fusion summoned.

Can the effect of light from a hex-sealed fusion be used to summon Cyber End Dragon or Cyber Twin Dragon in Yu-Gi-Oh?

Yes, you can use the effect of The Light - Hex-Sealed Fusion to Special Summon either Cyber-fusion monster. Obviously you need to have Hex and one or more Cyber Dragons on the field to use its effect. However, you cannot use Hex to Fusion Summon (using Polymerzation, Future Fusion, etc.) any of the Cyber-fusion monsters because their text states a Fusion Summon of the monster must be conducted with the correct monsters.

Why is Metamorphosis a banned card in Yu-Gi-Oh?

Because it makes it too easy to summon Cyber Twin Dragon, Dark Balter the Terrible, Cyber End Dragon, Ryu Senshin, King Dragun, and ETC. Those monsters are hard to summon for a reason, and when they are so easy to summon, it becomes rather rigged. Not to mention the fact that it was helping a few OTK's.

What is the best stragety for a cyber drogon deck?

I would say the best stragedy for a cyber dragon deck would be to use power bond to fusion summon cyber end dragon then use de-fusion to bring them all back out for a one turn kill.

Can cyber end dragon attack three times?

No it can not. "Cyber Dragon" + "Cyber Dragon" + "Cyber Dragon" A Fusion Summon of this card can only be conducted with the above Fusion Material Monsters. During battle between this attacking card and a Defense Position monster whose DEF is lower than the ATK of this card, inflict the difference as Battle Damage to your opponent. ^^It doesn't say it can attack 3 times.

What is the effect Cyber Dragon?

The effect reads: "If your opponent controls a monster while you control no monsters, you can Special Summon this card from your hand."

Can you divine wrath Cyber Dragon when it is summoned due it to be an effect of special summon?

No, Divine Wrath can only be used against effects that activate. Most of the time, when a monster has a way to special summon itself, this is an inherent special summon, just like a normal summon, it does not use the chain. Because it doesn't use the chain, you can't chain an effect negation card to it, though you can use summon negation cards like Solemn Judgment. If the special summon is an activated effect (like Dandylion's effect to special summon tokens, or Gorz's effect to summon himself) then these can be stopped using Divine Wrath. But Cyber Dragon's special summon cannot.

Is cyber dragon different from an electric dragon?

no because cyber means electric

Can you use Matamorphis to summon Cyberdragon and Dark Pladin in Yu-Gi-Oh?

No, you cannot with cyber dragon since it is not a fusion monster. As for dark paladin, you can.

Show Zane Truesdales deck cards?

I got this from a Zane Truesdale Duelist Pack, it doesn't show how many of one card he has, but its a start. This is light and dark Zanes deck I think. Cyber Dragon Cyber Barrier Dragon Cyber Laser Dragon Proto-Cyber Dragon Cyber Kirin Cyber Phoenix Cyberdark Horn Cyberdark Edge Cyberdark Keel Infernal Dragon Cyber Twin Dragon Cyber End Dragon Chimeratech Overdragon Cyberdark dragon Mystical Space Typhoon Limiter Removal De-Fusion Creature Swap Different Dimension Capsule Power Bond Photon Generator unit Overlode Fusion Future Fusion Ruthless Denial Call Of The Haunted Trap Jammer Attack Reflector Unit Return Soul Damage Polarizer Fusion Guard

Can someone help you build a cyber dragon deck PLEASE?

Monsters Cyber dragon-3 Proto cyber dragon-1 cyber soldier of underworld -1 cyber phoenix-1 cyber kirin -1 kaiser glider -1 armoured cybern-1 Cyber Barrier dragon-1 Cyber Laser Dragon-1 heavy mech platform support Cyber Jar Fusion monsters Cyber end dragon-2 Cyber twin dragon-1 Chimeratech over dragon-1 Chimeratech fortress dragon-1 Armoured Cyber end Spells Photon generator Unit Over load fusion Different dimension capsule Power bond-2 Polymerization-2 Future fusion De-fusion Pot of greed Limiter removal mystical space typhoon monster reborn Traps Attack reflector Unit return soul draining sheild call of the haunted damage polarizer trap jammer These are the basic cards of the Cyber dragon Deck. Hope this helps If you need any more help just mail me at

How do you summon 'Dragon Master Knight'?

You need to Fusion Summon it by using 'Black Luster Soldier' and 'Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon'. You must use Fusion Summon, so cannot being it out using cards like 'Cyber Stein' or 'Summoner of Illusions'. However you can use Fusion Substitutes like 'King of the Swamp' in place of one of the components.

Can you special summon the Cyber Dragon card if your opponent has more than one monster on the field or can it only be done when they have one monster in Yu-Gi-Oh?

It does not matter. As long as you have no monsters and your opponent does, despite the numbers, you can special summon it.