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Q: Can you swim in a pool while the filter is running?
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Can you add muriatic acid while the pool still has water in it and is it safe to swim in it after?

Yes, you are supposed to add it while there is water in the pool. Add with filter running near a return line. Add it slowly and if possible, brush the pool to help mix the acid. You can swim within 30-60 minutes.

What are some of the reasons you can't swim when salt water and filter system is on?

Assuming your pool is set up properly with all suction points safely installed and isolated from the swimming area. There is no reason not to swim with the filtration equipment running. As a matter of fact it is preferable to have the filters running while the pool is in use.

Where do you find instruction manual for swim pro pool filter?

where can i find a manual for a swim pro sand pool filter s48c 51201?

Should you swim in your pool after ducks poop in it?

if u have a filter

Should you swim in your pool after ducks have pooped in it?

if u have a filter

You accidentally added too much chlorine to your pool - 3 times the amount recommended What can you do?

NO BIG DEAl!! It's as if you SHOCKED THE pool & you can swim in as little as 1 hr with pump/filter running!!

Should the pump run while swimming?

Pumps run, but I've never known them to swim. People, however, can run or swim, and the filter pump should be running while they're swimming.

What would you have to do if the liner in your inground pool is filled with rainwater?

Filter it then swim in it.

Is it clean and safe to swim in a pool after someone urinates in it?

I would chlorinate the pool and run filter for several hours, and you will be fine

Can you swim while chlorinating a pool?

Yes, of course. As long as the amount of chlorine in the water is as directed by retailer there should be no reason one could not swim in a pool while it is being chlorinated.

Why is there dirt on The steps and swim outs in my pool?

If this dirt lines up with the pool returns then you may have worn or broken filter problems.

What is the the predicate your sister and you swim in the pool?

Let's assume that the original sentence was "You and your sister swim in the pool." In this case, the predicate would be "swim in the pool", while the subject(s) would be "You and your sister". Note: "Your sister and you" is improper English.

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