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If you honestly think you could be pregnant, don't take it if the box says not to. Call your doctor and see what they say. It may be OK to take or they may tell you another type to take in case you are pregnant. If you're pregnant, it's worth the calling around.

I had a cold 13 weeks into my first pregnancy, and the only thing my doctor would allow me to take was Tylenol cold medicine, and that was only because I was past 12 weeks. I would not recommend taking anything until you are sure you are pregnant. Drink extra fluids and try a vaporizer.

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Q: Can you take Advil Cold and Sinus when you are not sure if you are pregnant yet?
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Can you take advil cold and sinus and Aleve at the same time?

aleve is for pain and advil cold and sinus is for well, colds and sinuses. i don't think it's a good idea to take both of these medications. i have taken advil cold and sinus and it works for my sinus pressure and pain, so i don't need any other medications. i think you should ask your doctor or pharmacist to make sure as I'm not a doctor. advil cold and sinus works so well on my husband, he keeps it in stock. he swears by it.

Can you take advil cold and sinus and mucinex together?

Yes, you can take Advil Cold and Sinus and Mucinex together. However, make sure you're just taking regular Mucinex and not Mucinex DM with Advil. Mucinex DM can cause bad interactions if taken with other cold medications.

Can you take mucinex and Advil cold and sinus together?

You CAN take Maximum Strength Mucinex with Advil Cold and sinus. However, you need to make sure it's just the regular Mucinex and not the Mucinex DM. Mucinex DM has a decongestant in it, and so does Advil Cold and Sinus. So, essentially, you would be double dosing yourself with decongestants because both medications contain a decongestant ingredient.

Your dog ate an advil cold and sinus tablet what should you do she is 130 lb German Shepard?

Your dog will be fine, but make sure they do not hurt themselves (if the pill is meant to make humans go to sleep it might be disorienting to dogs).

Can you take advil cold and sinus if you are taking Zoloft?

are you sure zoloft is good, because there are many television commercials saying that if you take zoloft, porzac e.t.c and you had serious medical issues that you can sue the company for it. Anyways i think you should ask your doctor

Does sinus becomes a death cause?

In health, be sure you are talking about the correct "sinus" The heart has a sinus, so please be specific about which sinus you are referring to.

Can you take Advil before a blood draw?

I'm not sure

Is it ok if you bath a pregnant guinea pig?

Yes. Just make sure the water is not too cold or hot. When you take her out make sure you do not let her get cold. You can blow dry her with a hair dryer. Make sure again the temperature is not too hot or cold while you do this.

What will happen if you take 3 ibuprofen cold and sinus?

to be honest, you'll live! but even if you feel okay i'd tell someone like your GP, just to be sure

You are taking amoxicillin and you are pregnant can you take ibruofen too?

I am not a dr., but I remember clearly that ibuprofen/motrin/advil was a no-no during pregnancy. Pretty sure acetaminophen/tylenol is ok. Check with your dr. or pharmacist.

Is Advil made from a plant?

yes! it is! but I'm not sure what plant though...

Can a take Advil if you take azithromycin?

Yes you can but make sure to read if the advil is regular strength or extra strength, and always read the back label.

Can you take Advil with Nitriix Oxide?

Yes you can. But be sure to read the Advil label as different strengths say different things. Advil extra strength may want you to change the dose you take if you are taking it with Nitrix Oxide.

Are you sure that raven is not pregnant?

Im am sure Raven is not pregnant

Can a sinus infection make the back of your neck hurt?

Im not sure

Can you take Pravastatin sodium 20 mg with Advil pm?

i sure hope so

How can you be sure that you are not pregnant?

The best way to be sure you are not pregnant is to take a pregnancy test.

Can you take Tamiflu and Advil PM together?

Yes, you can take Tamiflu and Advil PM together. Just make sure that you follow the dosage instructions on the packaging and to take them at the appropriate intervals.

Is it possible to feel nauseas and tired when you have a cold or could it be pregnancy?

It is a possiblity that you may be pregnant, but it is not uncommon to feel nauseated or tired when you have a cold. To be certain you should take a pregnancy test and then you will know for sure.

Can heat help to ease a sinus infection?

first what you want to do is nothing just lay in bed and hope it goes away that's really the only thing you can do and hey make sure your not pregnant sometimes that's the problem

What does it mean when you get a woman gets her period and have morning sickiness?

You may have an unrecognised heath issue such as a sinus infection. If you feel that you may be pregnant take a home pregnancy test just to be sure or make an appointment to see your dr.

Can you call a panda pregnant?

If it IS pregnant, sure.

How do you know if you have a sinus infection?

The only way to have a 100% sure diagnosis is to see a doctor.

Can you take erythromycin and Advil together?

no i guess, I'm not sure! I do and its fine even Dr. said it was alright

Molar tooth and sinus pain and pressure?

If the tooth is an upper molar, more than likely it is a sinus infection, not a bad tooth. The roots of the upper teeth often sit right in the floor of the sinus, and when the sinus becomes congested, it can exert pressure on the nerve that goes into the tooth. This can feel like a toothache. See your dentist to be sure.