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Its much harder to target areas of fat then to target areas of muscle. The short answer is no. try doughnuts.

You could also try to work with what you have by wearing clothing that makes it look bigger.

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There is no such thing as a pill to make your butt bigger. Exercising to build the buttocks area up is the only way or gaining weight along with it. Go to a gym and ask for the correct exercises to build your butt up.

Biotechnologies advance every day and yes, there are some pills that can HELP to get bigger buttocks, but don't get confused with the pills that promise magical results. To enhance the buttocks in the most reliable way, you should combine targeted workouts, a good nutrition plan and if you want faster or more extreme results, then you can use a pill for that extra boost.

Here I list a good quantity of researched and tried possible ways to enhance the buttocks, used or tried by my students, my clients, my colleagues or myself.

A list of researched and tried possible ways

The NO list------

  • HORMONES- You can end up with a full hormonal imbalance which will shorten your life and may destroy your shape forever. Dangerous stuff.
  • CHICKEN PILLS - What fattens a chicken will most certainly don't give you shape. Secondary effects can be desvastating in the bowels and liver.
  • WEIGHT GAIN PILLS - (Ectoplan, etc) Weight (fat) goes to where is used to go and not to where you need it,it is how the body works. You may end up with flaccidity or celullites that will be one problem more instead of a solution. Many reports confirm the negative results.
  • STRONG PHYTOESTROGENS- Pueraria and so, are HORMONES in spite of what they want to make you believe. In the body they fight for the receptors of estrogens as much as the animal hormones do. If taken without careful supervision may produce you hormonal imbalance, shorten your life and destroy your shape forever. If taken under supervision may seem to help at the beginning but soon your body enters in imbalance. People raised in Asia can manage better these phytoestrogens because they grow up with phytoestrogens in their diet, but for all other people are a risky business. Even in Japan or Thailand, the strong phytoestrogens are taken under careful supervision and their secondary effects controlled with other herbs for balance.
  • FLUID SILICONE OR OILS - Injectable fillers are sold in Mexico and underground in USA as approved fillers in other countries. Many are just fluid silicone or oils. The least you will get is scammed, all "gains" will disappear soon enough and depending on the substance you may get CANCER. Ask yourself, is it worth the risk?

The DOUBTFULL-----------

  • FISH OIL -As any oil, its fat nutrients may increase size a bit until reabsorbed by the body (could take from two weeks to six months) This when applied externally. - Internally has no proven effects more than weight gain. Risks: can steal Vit E from the body.
  • COLLAGEN CREAMS -Can amke the area more supple and because of betyter irrigation, elasticity and circulation, the area will develope better. These creams will work as allies to other methods, on its own collagen will not bring large changes (but minor yeas)
  • GLUTEUS MAXIMUS -A good ebook with good exercises but not enough on its own
  • OTHER E-BOOKS- Many e-books under different names are sold in the Net, most have just the same information contained in the e-book Gluteus Maximus combined with the information on the e-book that comes with the Femimore Treatment as a free gift.
  • CONCHEVITA -Southamerican pill that was sold but no longer exists. Could not find anyone who bought it or any traces of it in the Net.
  • RELACOR -Just weight change, no shape. Many reported flaccidity as result. Many reported insomnia and other problems.
  • FILLERS- Not yet enough developed for injecting in large areas. Are currently offered in some clinics but the general opinion of the best surgeons is that we must wait for having a filler that can be successfully injected in large areas without risks.
  • NEGATIVE BIOTENSION ENHANCER (NBE) -Sold in Asia and some countries in EU. It is a kind of cup which adapts to the glute and "sucks" it with negative pressure producing what is called negative biotension in the muscles and fat tissues. It is proven that negative biotension stimulates tissue growth. Not enough reports on results yet but seems very promissing. Note: Some cheap copies are beginning to be sold with a hand pump, these are useless. Negative Biotension needs a computarized unit for feedback from the treated area.

The YES list-----


  • 1- Advantages Cheap - Available everywhere - Can be targeted at selected areas
  • 2- Disadvantages MUST be well planned by a pro or at least deep self-research. Otherwise we end up too muscular or disproportionate. Provides ONLY muscle and could burn fats that are needed for curves
  • 3- Recommendations Get a personal trainer or pro advise and tell exactly what you want to achieve. Don't just ask the guy at the gym unless he is professionally graduated. If you plan it yourself, get the following books: - Women's Strength Training Anatomy (Frederic Delavier) - Fit for your shape (Matt Roberts) - The body sculting bible for women (James Villepigue)

Do not overdue it, more than 45 minutes exercise continuosly can be negative, producing excess Cortisol, a hormone with great importance in how we assimilate fats. Do not train every day, the muscle only developes with alternate periods of exercise-rest.

  • Weight training sculpts you, Pilates gives position, dance (best are latin dances) put your body to burn the necessary excesses and work the curves, skating principally iceskatting shape glutes and hips best.


  • 1- Advantages Simple
  • 2- Disadvantages By itself is not great help (However can be a very powerful ally of other methods multiplying their results)
  • 3- Recommendations Do not follow a "made for all" diet. You are unique and your diet for shaping must be specifically designed for you. Low GI is a must Small snacks each 3 hours work better than three or two large meals. (Keep the body building the good fats and muscles and burning the bad fats) Supplements as Vit C, Magnesium, Lecithin and B complex are a must. Protein from nuts and cheese are far better in shaping than from animal flesh. Animal flesh counteracts shaping because of its limited value. The book 'The hourglass effect' (very difficult to find) is the best there is (do not mistake with some e-book called the hourglass figure or something similar that has been reported at many forums as useless and has nothing to do with the real book). Was published in a short edition and sold out fast.


  • 1.- Advantages An integrated treatment with the workouts, the nutrition and the pills for adding results. It works. (All the doubts and fuzz in many forums are created by those who sell other alternatives or those who have not the money for affording it) You can combine these products to suit your specific needed areas Count with the experience of a Medical Division Many have reported that to take intensive (double dosage) increases results and that combining with other of their treatments also enhances results.
  • 2.- Disadvantages Price You must commit one year to it (However is very much worth it) Are not magic pills, you must follow at least basical diet advice and basic exercise advice
  • 3.- Recommendations Choose one or two products but as soon as you receive the first parcel, consult their Med division what is the best for you. (they give good advice) Keep it steady Order each month supply in good time, sometimes they run slow in deliveries Read well their information, has many pearls of knowledge - Do not combine with herbs or supplements, you can counteract the effects

HERBS, herbal pills and supplements

  • 1.- Advantages Cheap Infinite combinations Available widely
  • 2.- Disadvantages You must know what you are doing, herbs are not without secondary effects and must also be compatible Changes are very small and may take years
  • 3.- Recommendations Do not trust what is said in the places they sell the herbs, STUDY, research in good books. See for compatibility with your diet

MENTAL imaginery

  • 1.- Advantages Cheapest of all It is unbelievable the changes we can obtain if we believ it (not wanting to believe, really believing it) It also works as anti-stress method Is the most intimate of all, no one will know you are doing it It is perfect for adding to other methods
  • 2.- Disadvantages You must know what you are doing. You can help or destroy your goals with the right or wrong way of mental imaging, don't try without learning first.
  • 3.- Recommendations Study the books: - Keep it Off (Brian Allman) This book is for loosing weight, but the principles can be applied with success to any reshaping - The power of Alfa-thinking (Jess Stearn) Probably you get it only used but is the best on this subject


  • 1.- Advantages Almost immediate results (two weeks to three months) Precision of results Counts with the professional experience of qualified doctors
  • 2.- Disadvantages Price Risks (even minor cosmetic surgeries have life threatening risks) If the results are wrong are very expensive and complicated to correct As the body ages, implants don't and may create strange shapes Implants must be changed each ten years Fat micrografting or liposculpturing fade slowly in 80% of cases
  • 3.- Recommendations Never go by price, go by quality and experience Don't go far to have the surgery, any later complication or correction will mean a new trip. Don't expect a change of life, it will only change your body, YOU must change your mind Speak in person with patients that had your same expected surgery before you go ahead.
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No pills will increase butt size (or boob size). You can do exercises (like squats) to work your butt muscles (glutes) enlarge the muscle. You can also buy padded underwear like Jessica Simpson wore in "Dukes."

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I would think if there is pills that make your breats bigger then there are pills to make your rear end bigger too. Avoid pills. As in all things, there is no quick fix. You can develop your "butt" by doing leg exercises to develop your lower back and glutes. (I.e. lay on your stomach, lift legs one at a time for two sets of repetition.) It may take time, but you will at least be firmer. Alternatively, you could purchase some of the underwear that has padding in that area.

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I really dont think that their is medication to make your butt grow, but their is surgery! You can get implants.. don't know how real they would look, just think about all the bad stuff that has happened to people who have had breast implants! I would even think about that sort of stuff! A butt is just a butt! No matter if its a cahdunkadunk or flat white booty!

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There are no pills, potions or lotions that will change your "butt". If you want to shape your buttocks you can work them out with special exercises a personal trainer can show you. If you are looking for a bottom like J. Lo. or Shakira etc. they were born with theres like that and work out frequently to keep it that way.

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Those are called suppositories. THEY REALLY REALLY HURT!!!

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Why do they hurt

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There is not one that has actually been proven to work.

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A very large tree!

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