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Q: Can you take b vitamins while pregnant?
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What are the best foods for me to eat while pregnant?

While pregnant, a doctor while recommend taking a prenatal supplement to help with your nutritional needs. To help get these vitamins and minerals, it is recommended to snack on foods packed with omega-3's, fiber, and Vitamins B and C. These can be found in foods such as carrots, eggs, avocados, oatmeal, mangos and nuts.

Can you take vitamins while taking Effexor XR?

Yes, there is no problem in taking vitamins (calcium, iron, vit B, vit D, vit C, etc...) while taking Effexor. Even if these are taken at the same time.

The B-complex vitamins are good energy sources for the body?

B complex vitamins are good to take to restore your energy and nourish the adrenal glands. It is best to take a balanced B complex.

Which vitamins come in a group?

Vitamins A, D, E, and K are oil soluble vitamins, while the rest are water soluble vitamins like Vitamin C and the B vitamins.

What are some good vitamins to take for acne?

There are a lot of good vitamins in order for one to take for acne. However, the best vitamins to take for acne are vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin E, vitamin C.

What vitamins can I take for a low iron count.?

Vitamin C and B are the vitamins you should take to help your iron. It can be found in fruits such as oranges and kiwis. In specific for vitamin B you should look for B-1 or B-12.

Which vitamins and supplements help us retain our beauty?

The best vitamins to take for skin care and beauty would be the b vitamins which are vitamin b 12, and vitamin b 6. Also the vitamin C, and vitamin A are good.

Can you take Zoloft with a multivitamin?

Absolutely would suggest extra B vitamins as well,was on Zoloft for a while and took my regulat multi vitamen as well.Bye Alan

What vitamin should you take to help fatigue?

b vitamins

What vitamins should you take after exercising?

Vitamin B complex

Vegitarians should take what vitamins?

Vegetarians should take vitamin B .Because most of the sources of of vitamin b are meat .

Are vitamins water soluble?

Yes, some of the vitamins such as B and C are water soluble, while A,D E K are fat soluble

What are b complex vitamins?

vitamins that start with b, and are very complex vitamins that start with b, and are very complex

Why is Riboflavin is used by the body?

it is one of the B vitamins (vitamin B2). The B vitamins and Vitamin C are the vitamins that dissolve in water. A healthy person's gut can easily take riboflavin from food and pass it on to the blood for the body to use. The body needs the B vitamins to get energy from food. Without riboflavin and the other B vitamins people's bodies cannot use fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.

What can you take to get longer healthier hair?

B vitamins, especially niacin

Which foods can cause hair growth?

the B vitamins are great for your hair. I know people that take prenatal vitamins specifically for their hair

What vitamins will i take to lower your sgpt?

vitamin b complex can lower sgpt

What vitamins should you take to build your immune system?

C and B (th)

Does prenatal vitamins help women who are not pregnant have more energy?

The only thing that differs from prenatal vitamins and regular mulitvitamins is folic acid. folic acid is a necessary nutrient for pregnant woman. It aids in the proper growth of the spinal column in the developing baby. If you are low on energy you might want to consider taking more B vitamins.

What vitamins do you get from fruit or vegetables?

There are thirteen vitamins you need to maintain good health. They are A, B vitamins (biotin, folate, niacin, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, thiamine, vitamin B-6, and vitamin B-12), C, D, E, and K. All these vitamins come from fruits and vegetables. Your body can make vitamins D and K. Vegetariann may need to take vitamin B12 supplements. You get Fruit Vitamins from fruit and you get vegetable vitamins from vegetables

Can you take tramadol while pregnant?

My OB took me off of it immediately when I became pregnant. I was taking it for migraines and he said that it's not a good idea to take that while pregnant b/c he's seen a case where his patient had a birth defect from taking it. Granted, she was addicted he said, but it was bad enough for him to never prescribe it again. Ask your doctor what a good alternative it.

What are the vitamins you can get from a squash?

vitamins a and b

What supplements should teen wrestlers take?

They should take vitamins. Preferably a Multivitamin or vitamin B and or C.

Should i take depression vitamins with anti depressants?

What you can do instead is take antidepressant vitamins which will help you be less depressed and be happy more often. Taking Vitamin B by itself will also help.

Can you overdose on super b-complex vitamins?

It would be extremely difficult to overdose on B complex vitamins. They are all water soluble. This means excess vitamins are expelled in the urine. I dont know anyone willing to take 30 high potency b complex tablets at once, but, that's what it takes to "overdose" and the only result would be bright yellow urine. So, your answer is yes, you can od on B complex, but, its only dangerous in people who are already allergic to one of the B vitamins.