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i would believe you can...

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Verizon Wireless purchased Alltell. You can still keep your alltel phone and plan. You bill will just be in the Verizon Wireless format.

It depends. You should still have Alltel until you get a letter in the mail saying you have Verizon. After you get the letter, you have to get Verizon phones and plans (you can keep all current phones and plans once u change to Verizon) Before you get the letter, you can still change to an Alltel phone or plan but Verizon customers cannot get Alltel stuff. Since it is already March, and if you did not get a letter saying you're gonna transition to Verizon than the merger is not gonna affect you . If u want to stay alltel once u get the letter, u can call customer service and request to stay on same plan as alltel customer. the letter does not state this, but my mom did it. she's still on prepaid alltel plan. prepaid alltel had Unlimited text, whereas, prepaid verion does not.

You can stay on your same plan. You do not have to change. You can even upgrade to a Verizon Wireless phone and still stay on the same plan. The only thing you can not do is move an Alltel phone to a Verizon Wireless plan.

In my experience from dealing with my Alltel prepaid, it depends on your area code. Some parts of the US are still managed by Alltel network. For instance, I moved from 912 (Hazlehurst Ga) to 813 (Tampa FL). 912 is still under Alltel, when I went to change my cell to the 813 area code, they informed me that I was in Verizon network now and not only would I have to pay through Verizon but I would also have to use Verizon's prepaid plans. Easier way to find out is if you still have Alltel stores in your area, then most likely you'll pay Alltel.

As of 2013, Alltel is a Verizon Wireless company, as Verizon acquired Alltel. Alltel still offers cell phones, but the service will be switched over to Verizon in the coming year. After the merger is complete, all phones may be purchased through Verizon Wireless. Currently, Alltel phones start at about 9.99$ (USD) and many smart phones cost 150$ (USD) or more.

Verizon has legally become the owner of Alltel and taken over all of their company. Alltel is still functioning under its own name or name but will eventually become Verizon.

Although you wouldn't be able to download new content - existing stored content would still be viewable.

I think that cars will still be existing but they will not be that popular. Since technology is improving, better transport will be made.

Any medical condition can be a pre-existing condition to an insurance company precluding coverage. However, it is possible to still get coverage and deny the pre-existing clause by providing a certificate of continuous coverage from another insurance company.

The probability of sabre-tooth tigers still existing as living animals is zero.

Many companies give their employees cell phones to use while they are doing business. Alltel Wireless cell phones are used in many government offices as well in many industrial businesses.

They are still existing dumbo

The first time I heard of prepaid wireless plans I was at an Alltel store. The deals were much better than being held down with a contract. That was five years ago and I still have the same plan even after Alltel was bought out by Verizon Wireless.

No, extant means still existing.

yes because even though she lives in another country he still talks in a romantic way to her over the phone.

The oldest existing country is still not known with certainty, but it is proclaimed to be San Marino.

The difference between Verizon's Global Phone and other wireless phones is that with Verizon's Global Phone one can be in any country and still make and receive calls. But a person that has another wireless phone that is not a Global Phone will not be able to make and receive calls to another person if they are out of the country,

The president does have the authority to veto an existing law, but this can still be overturned.

Yes, it does. If you have unlimited text messaging, it still won't work, because pic. messaging requires the internet, which costs money to use on you phone.

If your phone still works fine, keep it! Why waste money buying something you don't really need. Don't listen to what people think of you because of your phone!

it depends on weather its the phone that is locked or if the sim card is locked. if its the sim card then you need to call telstra and they can unlock it for you. but if its only the phone then the sim card will always work on any other phone

Yes. An SD card is simply a storage device. If the video is store on the phones internal memory, you can still send it from one phone to another.

As prophet Elijah did not die but was taken up into heaven on a cloud, so he still existing and came with Moses on the hill.

Yes, it is possible though it depends on if your new mobile phone is on the same cell phone network, i have AT&T, which i like because it is one of the only networks that uses SIM, so if you take the SIM card out of your old phone (If you have ATT) you can put it in another phone and still be on the same plan without spending extra money on another phone. If you have crappy networks such as, verizon, Sprint, or boost.... your out of luck. Even if you don't have ATT it is still possible, you just visit the store you got it from and they will transfer your info.

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