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Can you take your children to Mexico if you have full custody?

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Generally the parent who retains full custodial powers of minor children does not need permission from the non custodial parent in issues relating to the child/children. The terms of the custodial order determine what a parent may or may not do concerning minor children. If there is not a specific stipulation pertaining to the issue at hand it would be prudent for the custodial parent to discuss the matter with a qualified attorney before taking any action. If you have sole custody, you can travel with your child unless there is a specific agreement in the divorce decree that you need special arrangements with your ex before international travel. Also, you should get each of your children a passport. Any large post office can assist you with obtaining a passport.

Where moving children around affects the ability of the other parent to visit the children it is very common for the law to require that the other parent either agrees to the move, or is compensated for the extra travelling to the new location in order to continue the visiting arrangements.

Full custody is never to be regarded as permission to block or hinder visitation.

2008-01-11 00:21:37
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How can you get your children to the UK from their abusive father?

You will need a lawyer to try and get you full custody of your children and your lawyer will have to prove your husband is abusive to his children. If you presently have duel custody of your children and you take the children to the UK you could be charged with kidnapping.

If you have joint legal custody of your two children and you're engaged to an Army officer stationed in Texas what actions do you need to take to get full custody?

speak to a lawyer

If the father hasn't seen his children in 6 months hasn't come around or tried to see them or asked about them or anything so I have to take him to court to get full custody?

You can try taking him to court. This does not mean that you will get full custody.

Can a parent with sole custody take children out of the state without informing the other parent?

yes because you have full custtosy

Do you need written permission to take your child out of state if you have full custody?

No you do not need written permission if you have full custody of the child

Can a mother get a police officer and take children from father?

If she has custody of the kids. Legal custody.

Can your Ex Wife Take your Son To Mexico?

It depends on who has custody of the child.

Mom has full custody children don't want to go to dad's can mom force dad to take them when she goes on vacation?

A father who does not have legal custody of his children cannot be forced to take care of those children while the mother, who has custody, is on vacation. And really, it would not be good for the children to be left with the father if that father actually didn't want to take care of them, but was forced to do so by some form of legal coercion. Children should be cared for by someone who actually wants to care for them. They will get much better care that way.

If parents die without arranging custody for their children who gains custody in this case?

Normally the child/children would become wards of the state until a suitable relative could be found who was willing to take custody of the children

With 5050 custody can you move and take the children?

Only if it states it in a custody agreement. Every agreement has a section for that.

If you have full custody can you take your daughter out of country?

No, as the signatures of both parents are required.

Can you file for full custody for your child if his mother is filing for bankruptcy?

Well you can but the court will not find that a good reason to take custody away from her.

Is not having electricity a good reason for the state to take custody of your children?


With joint custody can a parent take children out of province of Alberta without consent?


Would Jon Gosselin get full custody of all 8 kids?

Unlikely. Although Jon and Kate have both aired their differences on every media outlet that will have them, they continue to agree on the custody arrangements for their children. Their plan is to share custody, the children will remain at the family home while Jon and Kate will take turns parenting them. Kate's current plan is to use the home as her primary residence, and Jon has an apartment in New York City that he uses when it is Kate's turn to take care of the children.

What happens to the child support payments when the mother of the child dies and the father has legal joint custody?

Presumably the father will take full custody of the child and he should notify the court of the death so the child support order can be terminated.Presumably the father will take full custody of the child and he should notify the court of the death so the child support order can be terminated.Presumably the father will take full custody of the child and he should notify the court of the death so the child support order can be terminated.Presumably the father will take full custody of the child and he should notify the court of the death so the child support order can be terminated.

If new wife of your children father keepin him from see his kids what you should do?

Take it to court. What shes doing is taking custody of the children, if its not a legal custody, court is a good way to figure it out.

Can Ohio children services take custody of a child when its first born if they already have custody of your children?

If the reason they took the others are still there or if there are other reasons you are found unfit to be a parent, yes they can.

Can a father take baby when mother has full custody?

Not legally. Father can be charged with kidnapping.

Can a grandfather come from Mexico and get custody of his United States born grandchildren?

Yes he can; however proof of consanguinity must be provided, and there shouldn't be any immediate or close relatives who could take responsibility for the children.

How can my mother-in-law get custody of my children?

you can sign the custody over to her or she could go to a judge and try to prove you unfit to take care of them and prove her having custody in their best interest

Can grandparent come and take a child from a stepparent if biological parent dies?

Not for final full custody. The court has to decide who the children will go to. If they have lived with stepparent for years and know him/her as a parent the stepparent have a chance for custody. If the biological parent have left a will with his/hers wishes, it will also play a part. It's all about what is best for the children. Get a lawyer.

Can your ex take your children abroad without your consent?

Consent... and it depends on who has legal custody.

How can a father get custody of children when the wife is using drugs?

You need a lawyer. You can take the children out of the house & get her arrested. That would help.

How does my cousin get her children back after being kicked out by her boyfriend and he won't let her see the children?

Take it court and fight for custody