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yes it will still work.

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Can you take your att sim card and put it in a tmobile nokia phone?

No, I've tried. You have to insert a special code. (3 tries and the phone locks down) You have to get another att phone.

What if your daughter lost her tmobile phone Can you buy a new sim card and put it in an old tmobile phone but still keep her number for the lost phone?

You can do this as long as the old phone works with the tMobile network (or is unlocked to work on both AT&T and tMobile). But you need to call tMobile to have them active the new SIM chip. Basically, they need to connect your daughter as a customer to the new SIM. You should be able to take your old phone into any tMobile store and they should do this for you. Cannot say if they will charge you a small activation fee but it should not require another 2 year contract. They may try to push a new phone on you for free or small price so they can lock you into a new 2 year plan.

Can you take your tmobile sim card and put it in a prepaid tmobile phone and it work on your plan?

Yes. if it is a tmobile sim card and a tmobile phone then this will definitely work. you will also be able to carry on with the same price plan and number you used before. If you currently have a Tmobile phone on a contract plan that is complete you can also just change your plan to a pre paid plan and keep on using the phone that you have. UPDATE: As of April 2012, TMobile prepaid phones may only connect to T Mobile towers, limiting your signal (since they also use ATT towers) and giving you varied signal strength depending on your location. So, it's best to unlock any prepaid phone. Ask T Mobile to send you the unlock code or pay someone to unlock your phone.

If cell phone GPS will track your Sim card or your actual phone If you leave your phone somewhere and take the Sim card with you will it track the Sim card or the phone?

The GPS tracker is in the phone, not the card. But when you use that sim card in another phone the identity of the sim card will give away the location of the new phone - which then can be tracked by its GPS.

How long does it take tmobile to ship a phone?

As long as it takes you to make my dick nut.

Can you put your sim card in another phone and you can see your contact number?

Yes, you should be able to. Ofcourse, you would have to take the sims card that belongs in the other phone out.

Can people take your sim card from a metro PCS and use it?

NO. The SIM card is NOT a normal SIM card, its only for that particular phone and for use on MetroPCS's LTE network it was activated with. If its taken out to be used in another phone, it deactivates, rendering the phone and card useless.

How to transfer an sd card from one phone to another?

take it out the old phone and put it in the new phone and waalaa you transfer over ur sim

How much does it cost to transfer cell phone data to a different cell phone?

Depending on if you save stuff on your sim card, just take it out and put it in another phone

Does the iPhone take a sim?

Yes, at the top there is a piece that if removed shows the sim card, this is how people can get iphones to work on tmobile

Can you take your sim card out of a contract phone and put it into another phone and have that phone as the contract phone?

Yes you can. The contract relates to the phone number - not the handset. So long as the new handset is on the same network - or has been unlocked - you can simply put your existing SIM card in the new phone.

Can you use a tmobile phone on page plus network?

yes but they hav to go in an take out all t-mobils stuff

Does removing a SIM card erase memory?

No, the SIM card is where your personal info is stored like your number and info, you can put it in another phone and it will take the number on the sim card and use it.

How do get the SIM card out of a phone?

1. Take the back door off of the phone 2. Remove the battery 3. Take out the sim card

If i put my sim card into my phone and then take it out will my contacts still be in that phone?

it can or can not be it depends on your phone IT depends if you saved it to the sim card or the phone because you can do both

How do Iget SIM card out?

take it out of the phone

Can you change the network on your phone and if you can how?

if its mobile u can just go to wal mart or target or family dollar, get a go phone or something that is not the same network, take out the sim card and use that. if u already have another sim card, open the back of your phone, take out the battery, it will be there. simply just switch it.

Can you go to an ATM and take out money from a tmobile rebate card?

No, you can't. I just tried to withdraw cash from a T-Mobile rebate card today at Citibank, you will be asked to enter pin which you don't have it !

If you take the sim card out will it reset everything?

No it will not reset the phone. However, should you take the SIM card with it still in the phone you will not be able to access any of your photos, music or apps that are saved to the SIM card. Taking a SIM card out while a phone is on is not known to do heavy damage to your phone, but excessive removal might make your SIM card unreadable after time.

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