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If it is a manual trasmsiion, then yes. If it is an automatic transmission, then the answer is positively NO! Towing with the rear wheels down will damage the transmission. Remove the drive shaft.

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Can you drive a 1969 El Camino in Hot Wheels World Race?

no only the jester you drive in hot wheels world race

Can you pull a dodge ram 2002 conversion van behind a 1998 trade winds RV?

A Ram Van can not be towed with the rear wheels down with out unhooking the drive shaft.

How do you drive a helicopter on the freeway without getting caught?

you put wheels on it

Can helicopters drive along the ground?

yes if you install wheelsand a motor?No generally helicopters can drive without motors

I have a Chevy blazer 4wheel drive and was wondering if the 4 wheel drive goes out does it hurt the car and can you still drive it like that without 4 wheel drive?

If you still have the back two wheels

How do you change the belt that makes the wheels drive. drive belt not the deck belt?

Impossible to answer without knowing year, make & model, of mower.

Front wheels drive means both front wheels connected to the engine. Rear wheels drive means both the rear wheels connected with engines. 4wd means all the 4 wheels are connected with engine.?

All wheel drive has power going to all 4 wheels all the time 4 wheel drive has power going to 2 wheels and 4 wheels when it is selected

Can you tow a 2000 s10 extreme pickup 5 speed behind a motorhome without unhooking the drive shaft?

Yes you can, but if you do not unhook the drive shaft you will log all the miles traveled, other wise there is no harm in towing the pick-up like this, Tom.

What are the wheels called that receive power from the engine?

Drive wheels.

What is the difference between a 4x2 and a 4x4 truck?

A 4x2 vehicle has 4 wheels with the 2 rear wheels that drive. A 4x4 vehicle has 4 wheels with all 4 wheels that drive.

Function of front wheels on forklift?

The front wheels are the drive wheels on most lift trucks.

What is 4x2 drivetrain?

That would describe a vehicle as to having 4 wheels with two of them being the drive wheels. A 4+4 vehicle would have 4 wheels with all 4 being drive wheels.

Will 24 or 26 inch wheels fit a 1998 Ford Explorer Sport 2 wheel drive?

Not without major modifications.

What is a four wheel drive?

A vehicle that has the option that all four wheels are driven by the engine instead of just two. They have front and rear drive shafts going to the wheels, a two wheel drive vehicle only has drive shafts going to one set of wheels. A system whereby all four road wheels are driven by the engine. Normally only the back or the front wheels are driven.

What describes a function of the front wheels on a forklift?

The front wheels are the drive wheels and carry the weight of the payload.

What do the front wheels of a fork lift serve as?

The front wheels on a fork lift are load bearing and the drive wheels.

Can you drive a three wheeled trike in Delaware without a motorcycle license?

Basically you can, only if the two astride wheels are up front. If the two wheels are in the back, then it becomes a trike and subject to motorcycle regulations.

Can a car drive on two wheels?

A four wheel car can drive on two wheels. There are 1/4 mile drag cars that can do the 1/4 mile on just the two rear wheels. There are stunt car drivers that can drive a car on just the drivers side or passenger side wheels.

Do tire chains go on the front or rear wheels on a Toyota sequoia?

Rear, since they are the Drive Wheels when using Two-Whee Drive.

Which tires should have chains on them when it snows?

The tires that actually drive. For example if your car is a front wheel drive, then the front wheels should be chained. If it is a real wheel drive vehicle, then the rear wheels should be chained. If it is an all-wheel drive then you could chain all four wheels.

What is a lever and how does it turn the wheels?

what the hell are you talking about the wheels are turned by the drive axles....stupidity

What is a 4 X 2?

It is a vehicle with 4 wheels but only 2 of them are drive wheels.

Install tire chains on front or rear wheels?

Install the chains on the drive wheels.

How does the front end work on a 4 wheel drive 2000 Jeep Cherokee without manual lock-outs?

the wheels ar always linked to the axle and the drive shaft the drive shaft is disconnected in the transfer case

What is the name of tank wheels?

Usually the back wheels are the ones connected to the engine, providing the power to rotate the tracks, and these are the drive wheels. The rest are bogey wheels.