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No,it only stores the shows in teh DVR memory.


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You can play a recorded show from one DVR but you cannot play it on another DVR. A DVR works similar to a computer that is not linked to any other computer or the internet. You may record something on a single DVR and the television it is linked to will save the show you want to watch at the particular time it plays. Then you will be able to go back at a later more convenient time and watch the show as you like. But if you two DVRS' in a house, one upstairs and the other downstairs, you can only play recorded shows on the DVR that you recorded the show on.

Off of your DVR, if you have one.

Cable DVR is a program that is used to record cable television shows to be watched later. The ones that are considered the best allow the user to record multiple shows at the same time and record one show while watching another show.

There are lots of interesting shows that one can find from a DVR. One of my favorites is The Walking Dead which, as of November 2013, airs on AMC at 9pm on Sundays.

Yes. You can record one show while watching another show at the same time. This is the most efficent way when there are conflicts with the time of two of your shows.

There are several companies that provide direct TV, with HD and DVR. DirectTVPlus HD DVR offers a service where you can record, watch, and delete shows in any room, with just one HD DVR.

In order to record 5 shows at once, you would need a DVR that has 5 separate tuners. The majority of DVRs only have a single tuner, and there are a few that have 2 tuners, but I have never heard of one that has 5.

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Most DVRs can record a maximum of two shows simultaneously, although some can record as many as four.

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Unfortunately, the DVR will stop whenever the power goes out. Most TV shows are now available online, so if you miss one you should be able to find it online.

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Yes, as long as it is in your home. Also, it must be connected to one of the two TV's that you are sharing the receiver with. Hope this helps!

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A digital cable dvr is different from a vcr because one takes VHS tapes, and the other records tv shows digitally to a hard drive so you can watch them later.

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You also can record on DVD rw disks and them transfer from the stand alone too computer too take out comercials.I don't know if you can take out comercials on a DVR's.The biggest difference between a DVD with recording capability and a DVR is:A DVR uses a Hard Disk Recorder (HDR) to digitally record movies and television shows from your TV to a hard disk (like the one in your home computer). DVRs record in real-time, which allow you to pause or rewind at any point in the program.A DVD recorder records to discs and not a hard drive like DVR. A disc has limited storage capacity compared to a DVR. It doesn�t have a hard drive or �real-time� recording capability.There are some DVRs that have built in DVD recorders. Some allow you to burn DVDs while you watch and record television shows and movies on your DVR or simply burn saved shows to your DVD to free up space on your DVR. Check with your local electronics store to see which brand would best suit your needs.

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