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Can you treat your hair with lice medicine while pregnant?

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NO! Check the package. That type of medicine can go into your bloodsteam and could potentially harm your baby. I am sure their are alternatives for lice other than the toxic chemicals you were giong to use. Again, read the package carefully. If it doesn"t say safe to use on pregnant or nursing mothers then don"t use it. There are herbs, there are different shampoos that could offer releif. Ask your pharmacist.

2006-08-21 00:47:48
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Can you cut your hair while pregnant?


Can you get your hair done while pregnant?

Of course!

Can pregnant women cut or dye there hair?

Pregnant woman can cut their hair but not dye or highlight their hair while pregnant because of harmful chemicals in the dye.

Can you have hair blonde highlights while pregnant?


Can you wash your hair while being pregnant?


Is you safe to have cellophane hair treatment while pregnant?


Can you highlight your hair while pregnant?

Highlighting hair while pregnant is fine. The product will not touch the scalp since the hair is being wrapped in foils. Just make sure you are in a well ventilated area.

Is it safe to highligt your hair while pregnant?

Yes. There are no studies showing that hair dye is harmful to pregnant women or to unborn babies.

How is hair loss treated in traditional Chinese medicine?

TCM recommends foods to eat and others to avoid, herbs to treat hair loss, and special hair massage.

Hair dye and pregnancy?

Avoid hair dying while pregnant especially if it contains ammonia.

Dyeing hair while pregnant?

There has been no scientific evidence that dying your hair while pregnant will cause any complications or harm the baby. It's safe but just to be careful, don't do it unless it is necessary.

Can you get your hair cut while you are pregnant?

Of course. Hair is dead and getting it cut only changes your appearance.

Is Vegan Hair Color safe to use while pregnant?

Vegan Hair Color is safe. But consult your obstetrician.

Is it okay to dye your hair while pregnant?

don't know I'm not a female

Can you put a texturizer in your hair while pregnant?

yes u can its not advised

If a pregnant women has hair on her belly does it mean shes having a boy?

No, its just her bodys reaction to the changes she is going through while pregnant.

Can you use a hair dye while pregnant?

Of course you can, my hairdresser continued to both bleach and colour my hair until she went on maternity leave. :)

Can dying your hair too much kill you?

the truthful answer is....YES - it can...dying your hair once in a while is perfectly should not dye your hair when pregnant or trying to get pregnant...but dying your hair very often in any case is dangerous...the dyes enter your bloodstream and build up...after a while your body cant handle the poisons and it shuts down.... repo man

Is the instyler a good product?

Yes. The InStyler really does style your hair while not damaging it. It works on all types of hair . Course hair , long hair , short hair , and fine hair. It brushes while styling so it does not leave you will clumps of hair stuck together. Its also good to use the product while hair is damp. And people with course curly hair you should chemically treat your hair and then try using the instyler.

How do you treat white hair?

You will have to color your hair.

Is okay to flat iron your hair while being pregnant?

Yes, it should be fine. The only things you want to avoid is putting any chemical in your hair such as hair dye and such.

Can you take hair skin and nail vitamins while pregnant?

It is not recommended the pregnant women take hair, skin, and nail vitamins. Many of these vitamins contain dosages of nutrients that exceed the advised daily allowance.

Can you treat your hair with lice treatment while pregnant?

I think there are some brands of lice shampoo that are safe to use while pregnant. You should talk to a doctor to find out for sure what you can use. You should read the instructions in the packet or ask the pharmacist. There are lots of ways of treating lice that are quite safe to use in pregnancy. Look up "natural treatments for lice" on

Can it harm a hairdresser to color hair while she is pregnant?

no, but watch out if there are allot of fumes, can't do much good.

How do you end the split ends in our hair?

Just get a hair cut every once in a while. That will keep your hair fresh looking and the dry ends will be gone. Then just make sure you treat your hair well afterwards to maintain it (: