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I think there are some brands of lice shampoo that are safe to use while pregnant. You should talk to a doctor to find out for sure what you can use. You should read the instructions in the packet or ask the pharmacist. There are lots of ways of treating lice that are quite safe to use in pregnancy. Look up "natural treatments for lice" on

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Q: Can you treat your hair with lice treatment while pregnant?
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assuming you're speaking of HAIR hot oil treatment, it should be fine. Make sure the oil isn't too hot

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Of course!

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Pregnant woman can cut their hair but not dye or highlight their hair while pregnant because of harmful chemicals in the dye.

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Highlighting hair while pregnant is fine. The product will not touch the scalp since the hair is being wrapped in foils. Just make sure you are in a well ventilated area.

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Yes. There are no studies showing that hair dye is harmful to pregnant women or to unborn babies.

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Provillus is a DHT blocker that is used to treat hair loss. It is a two step treatment for men and woman and the directions for use come with the purchase of the product.

You used lice treatment while pregnant will it harm the baby?

I found lice in my daughters hair so I treated her and automatically treated my hair without knowing weather or not I had them to be preventative. However, I did not check the label for pregnancy risks initially and I am 30 weeks pregnant. Will it harm the baby? What should I do?

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Avoid hair dying while pregnant especially if it contains ammonia.

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Hair loss during Chemotherapy treatment is also known as 'Alopecia'. The reason you lose your hair during Chemotherapy treatment is because your hair follicles are fast growing cells, and Chemotherapy damages fast growing cells. Not all Chemotherapy treatment causes hair loss. Some just cause the hair to thin, while others result in dramatic hair loss. Occasionally, some people lose their hair when it is not expected too during treatment, while others do not lose their hair when it is expected too.

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There has been no scientific evidence that dying your hair while pregnant will cause any complications or harm the baby. It's safe but just to be careful, don't do it unless it is necessary.

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Can cellophane hair treatment treats burn hair from coloring hair

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Vegan Hair Color is safe. But consult your obstetrician.

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the best way it if its a human wash your hair in hot water or you can find a treatment for fleas and put it in your hair then the best thing is to go outside put your head in the sun for a while then wash your hair. If it is an animal there is also a treatment which is very easy to find and you do the same thing-put the treatment on their fur and wash it out after a while

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don't know I'm not a female