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Can you unlock Sephiroth in Final Fantasy VII?


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September 12, 2011 2:36PM

No cheat has been developed to play Sephiroth or a method to unlock him, hence, it is plainly impossible to control him in FFVII.

Sephiroth is only officially available to you during the flashback in disc 1. However, in the PC version (as well as the Ultima Ed.) it is possible to include him in your party at the expense of other members through a third-party hacking program. He acts the same as during the flashback (AI controlled), and has no Limit break, options show that he has Vincent's starter weapon and armor.

However, since Sephiroth is never in your party (flashback or otherwise) after disc 1, you cannot put him there even using the program.

The program (I think) was called Jenova, but I don't recommend you do this, since storyline events crash the game.


To answer your exact question, no. But, with the use of a game shark you can replace a character with Sephiroth, or add him to the available characters in the PHS, but to be able to use the one winged angel you must use another code all together, this code allows you to use Sephiroth as you would any other character i no longer have these codes but they can be found on the internet. This will make your game very unstable. You need to have one of the newer (relatively) gamesharks that you can turn on and off, because if he is in your party when you have a group meeting he can and almost always will crash your game trying to show up.KNEGGLE says-not many people know this but yes there is a gameshark code to allow you to control sephiroth in final fantasy VII for the PS1. the code can no longer be found in the internet because the sites that displayed them are no longer around. so hopefully for whomever is wondering about the control sephiroth code I am here to provide what many fans been wanting for some couple of years is the code straight from my notepadControl Sephiroth in all party slots300F844C 00C8 First (top)300F83E4 00C8 second (middle)D0000000 0000 (where the joker command needs to be)300F84B4 00C8 Third (bottom) glitches, joker command neededI strongly recommend you use the first two codes unless you fully understand the structure of these codes. its better to use this code after you meet Vincent because when you get sephiroth in your party he will still have his old inventory (or maybe its before you meet Vincent I don't remember). sephiroth keeps his super stats and invincibility with this code but if you want him in a mortal state just change the first digit into an 8 and maybe the second to last digit into an F.this code below unlocks the USO menu and will let you select sephiroth in your party, well its a code I modified to also use PHS and Save anytime too8009D2A4 0FFF8009D2A6 00008009D268 03003009A06E 000B3009A0D5 000Bhopefully this is enough to give you the experience that most of you guys been longing for. I must say again that this code is very old news and is the reason why its hasn't been in the internet since around 2003ish or 4ishenjoy and happy 2009 guys