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No, you can not use a Verizon provided phone on a Cingular network, unless it is an unlocked phone. Most of cell phones you get with service provider (e.g. Verizon) plans and deals are locked to that particular network and can not be used with another service provider's network unless you unlock the phone.


Also - Cingular (now AT&T) is a GSM carrier and Verizon Wireless is a CDMA carrier. Each uses different cell phone technology making them incompatable. You can use an AT&T phone and switch it to a go phone once your contract runs out or visa versa. Sometimes pay as you go phones are the best option.


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No; the networks used by Cingular (now AT&T) and Verizon Wireless are incompatible.

No. Cingular/AT&T use the GSM network and Sprint uses CDMA. A Verizon phone could be used with a Sprint plan but Verizon customer service will have to give an unlock code.

It depends on your plan I think. But, actually. I think so.

Generally, No. Although if you purchase the phone unlocked, you can use it with a Verizon prepaid plan.

You must be at least 18 years of age to get a cell phone contract with Verizon. This is because it is illegal for minors to enter into contracts.

No, this phone cannot be used on Verizon's plans because the phone is tied to Cingulars service and is a GSM phone, whereas Verizon's network is CDMA, and cannot use the phone. Even if the phone is "unlocked", it will not work on Verizon.

The best cell phone provider for a family is the Verizon wireless family plan. Once you sign a two year contract you can talk to anyone else with the Verizon plan for free.

Verizon can offer a family phone plan to meet your family's needs. Call your local Verizon dealer or visit their website to find a phone plan that works best for your family:

Depending on your plan and use Walmart may be cheaper or more expensive than verizon. It depends on your needs for your phone. Contact the company's and compare rates to get a better idea suited for your needs.

It is not possible to track cell phones when you are not the owner. If you have a family plan, some companies will allow you to track phones on your plan, but there are regulations about tracking other phones. Sometimes the police can obtain a warrant to track a phone, but they need to present hard facts to the judge why it would be necessary. Verizon has strict policies to protect their customers.

Yes you can. This phone type can be used by various cell phone providers. A few are At&t, verizon, and sprint. You may find them under any of the three cell phone website.

The Verizon website offers several prepaid cell phone plans. Verizon offers plans that allow customers to choose the plan that fits their budget and needs.

Verizon is one of the largest phone companies in the country and as such provide many different types of plans. They do indeed have a competitive cell-phone family plan available.

The cell phone known as the LG enV touch can only be used with the Verizon Wireless cell phone service. Verizon is the only service that can be used with the LG enV touch because Verizon bought the phone from LG and LG signed a contract with Verizon stating that this phone will not be used on any other services.

If you purchased an Alltel cell phone plan a few years ago, you need to remember that these plans are now Verizon cell phone plans. Verizon purchased Alltel and all customers were transferred over to the new company. You will need to go on the Verizon website to order new phones, to change your plan, or to check your bill. You will also be able to get service at any of the Verizon stores.

i have a boost mobil cell phone i moved to kansas and the are no close towers over here... can i switch it to a verizon phone?

You could look into the Verizon family unlimited plan.

Verizon Wireless offers a few different cell phone plans to small businesses. Perhaps their most popular small business plan is the Share Everything plan. This allows a business to have up to 25 mobile phone lines as well as a data plan.

The Verizon network provider has a cell phone plan specifically designed for seniors. The plan name is 'Nationwide 65 Plus Plans'. This plan covers lesser minutes for a lower rate.

The best Verizon plan depends on what you use your phone for and where you live but if you use your phone online and talk alot then the Verizon 3G monthly plan is the best package.

If you are looking for a cheaper plan than you should go with Sprint. If you want better relabilty in service plan then you should choose Verizon

If you are looking to start a cell phone plan and are interesting in a family plan or a family share plan, some of the best companies to consider are AT&T, Verizon and Sprint.

Many of the most Cingular Cellular plans switched to AT&T. It is basically the same cell phone provider in the US, but it is just being called a different name now.

There are many places one might go to purchase a Samsung phone that works with a Verizon plan. In addition to the Samsung website, one might also try the local Verizon store.

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