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I have read that if you change the intake and exhaust manifolds from a USDM engine to the JDM, that you can. Theoretically, they are the same block and head, but US emissions standards require more sensors for a cleaner exhaust. Not quite. The emissions standards in Japan have been higher than the US for many years. Secondly, the head is not drilled for EGR on the JDM engines, nor is the intake manifold, but the engines will run just fine without the EGR systems, and only California emissions model cars have a sensor to turn on the Check Engine Light if the EGR system is removed. The only other changes that would need to be made to run a JDM engine with a USDM harness and ecu is to change the oxygen sensor from the 1 wire unheated JDM sensor to a 4 wire US spec oxygen sensor. The JDM engine will also have a exhaust temp sensor after the primary catalytic converter that is unused on USDM cars, and there is no connector in the USDM harness for it. I have heard it was used for a light on the dash as a warning on righ hand drive JDM vehicles and so is completely useless in a US spec car.

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Q: Can you use a usdm stock wiring harness and ecu on a jdm 3sgte 2nd gen motor?
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Sure.. just pull the wiring harness to run the EFI. the carb motor harness wont run the efi.. yes it will. i did it in my truck

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You can buy a speaker harness. An adapter that connect the positive and negative from the speaker into the stock harness.

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To remove a stock stereo, you will first need to remove the bezel from the stereo. Then, pull the stereo out of the dashboard and remove the wiring harness.

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Tie wraps can be used to replace a stock radio wiring harness in a 1991 Mercury Tracer. The wires can be replaced with other radio wire from an automotive parts store and the tie wrap can hold them together.

Where can you find the diagram for the wiring harness for a 1988 Dodge Dakota to install a new radio?

you don't neccesarily need a wiring diagram if the stock plug is still there. when you buy a wiring kit for that specific vehicle the wires will be color coded to match up to the new radio (red to red, yellow to yellow etc). you just connect the wiring harness for your truck to the wiring harness for your deck and plug 'em in. if it's not need a 12v constant, 12v switched, ground, and +/- spekaer wires for each set of speakers.

Can you swap a 3.8 supercharged engine with a stock 3.8 in a 1995 mercury cougar?

you should be able to.the only thing that might be different is the wiring harness

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no it doesnt have the RCA plugins in the stock unit and its almost impossible to workout with a wiring harness hookup to an aftermarket stereo.. ive been trying to work things out for about 5 months now and ive figured out the harness for 1994-now galant doesnt match with the stock harness so im just going to let best buy do it all

How do you remove the stock radio in a 2008 f550?

The stock radio on a 2008 Ford F550 is removed by removing the trim and cover panels, disconnecting the wiring harness, and taking out the retaining screws. The radio can then be slid out of its housing and removed.

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No, Chevy changed the wiring harness in 2003. and the way it is mounted, it can be made to work though.

What could be wrong if brake and emergency lights quit working checked and replaced bulbs fuses and switch on 1989 Ford F150?

first place to look is the fuse next you might have a wiring issue in the tali end of the truck if you have trailer wiring tied into the stock wiring look there for broken wires or remove the "T" (if so equipped) and reconnect the stock harness

How do you remove the stock stereo in a 2003 suzuki xl7?

Remove the retaining cover from your 2003 Suzuki stock stereo. Remove the stereo retaining screws. Slide the stereo out and remove the wiring harness and the antenna cable from the back of the stereo.

What is car stereo wiring for 1993 GMC jimmy?

there is a harness that connects the speakers, the stereo and any power (extras bought) in a single bunch. most stereo kits make adapters that fit on the back of an aftermarket stereo so you don't have to cut the harness. however, it is a tight fit behind the stock stereo because of a plastic backing built into the dash. recommend to not cut the harness and find a way to fit it all (adapter, new stereo harness, stock harness) into the space provided.

Is there A diagram of the wiring diagram for your stock stereo for the 1996 Lincoln town carplease help need one soon?

Standard 2 Piece Harness Up To Late 1990

How do you take the stock stereo out of an 1995 civic?

pull it out and disconnect the harness. put a new harness on so when you sell it you can out your stock radio back in.

How do you install after market power mirrors on a 2001 ford mustang?

What I did was take the mirrors off the aftermarket mirror's, remove the motor and four wire connection. Take off the stock power mirrors, removed the mirrors, took out the stock motors and wire harness. Installed the stock motors and wire harness into the aftermarket mirrors. Plugged the wire harness back in, wired up the lights and turn indicators on the mirrors and they are working just fine.

Will a amp hook up to stock head unit 2004 impala?

Yes, you must first buy a wiring harness but be sure to know if your factory stereo comes with an onstar system or not. You can find these harnesses by going to ..if you don't buy the harness there you can at least get the name of the harness and start searching the web....good luck.

Does anyone have the speaker drawing or can tell me the colors for a '07 Nissan Frontier I need the speaker wiring not the radio wiring colors since the colors are different at the speakers?

stock wire harness speaker wires are always Gray, White< purple< green

Can a vortec fit in 81 Chevy pickup?

Yes it can. You will need an 8 bolt intake instead of stock 12 bolt intake. The other option involves swapping the computer and wiring harness.

Do you have a diagram of the stereo wiring harness for a 1990 ford f150?

wen i bought the pickup the person had cut the stock stereo plug off and tried wiring it back and has it all messed up so now i have to rewire the stereo but i need to know what wires are wat

Can you install a v8 into a v6 camaro?

technically yes, but with the money you will spend it isn't worth it. you would have to get the new engine, motor mounts, pcm, wiring harness, etc. and when your finished you will still have the v6 rear end, suspension, and rear drum brakes. even with the v8 engine it will not handle or perform like a stock v8.

How do you install a new radio?

All depends. Typically you want to upgrade from stock to aftermarket. Decide your brand. Amazon for deals. Get the wiring harness for your model car also on Amazon. Remove stock, plug harness into stock. Match wires to deck (takes some skill to correctly do it. But smart person with internet access no problem). Thats first base simple change. -semi professional mobile electronics inst

Can you replace your 2000 northstar engine with another tpe of engine?

Yes, but using a non-stock motor can take a bit of modification and the electrical wiring can be a pain.

Can you put a sound system into a stock radio?

You can, but it is extremely complicated and not worth it. Your much better off just getting the deck with the dash mount and wiring harness so it makes hook-up easier and allows you to swith back to stock incase you decide to sell the vehicle later on.

How do you remove the stock radio from a 1992 Jeep Cherokee and what is the color of the hot wire when you replace your old system with a new one?

To remove the radio, you will have to first remove the dash bezel, which is held in by four Phillips-head screws, two of which are above the instrument cluster, the third is above the cigar lighter and the fourth is above the headlight switch. The bezel also snaps in as well, and you will have to carefully pull it free of the dashboard. If you have tilt steering, you will want to tilt the column down as well. The radio is held in by two screws which have 10mm hex heads. You will have two hot wires. The red one is hot only when the key is in the "on" or "acc" position. That one will actually power the radio. There is also a pink wire which is constantly hot. That wire feeds the memories for the electronic tuning and clock. However, if you still have the stock wiring harness, you will want to buy a wiring harness kit which plugs into the stock wiring harness instead of hacking up the stock harness. These wiring kits are available for under $20 at most major auto parts stores and possibly Wal-Mart, and their wires are labeled (or a schematic comes in the package) for easy connection to the aftermarket radio.