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As long as your phone is not SIM- or network-locked, then yes, you can switch carriers.If notyou have to get your phone unlocked from any vendors online like unbblock.com for blackberry phones and Simpleunlocking.com for other model phones

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How do you get free Virgin mobile top up card numbers?

The top-up card for a pay-as-you-go mobile is supplied with the phone when you buy it. If you lose the card - you need to contact Virgin, who will send you a replacement.

Can you use Virgin mobile top-up card on a unlocked t-mobile phone?

No. You can only use it on a Virgin Mobile phone. No this is not possible for any body to do so. both are different network.

Can you use a Cingular Sim card in a virgin mobile prepaid phone?

Virgin Mobile uses CDMA, so their phones do not take SIM cards.

How do you transfer phone numbers from virgin mobile phone to a new virgin mobile phone?

In your old Virgin phone - copy everything you want to keep (contacts, pictures etc) from the memory to the SIM card. Put the SIM card in the new phone, then copy everything from the SIM card to the new phone's memory. Once you've done that - replace the old SIM with the one that came with your new phone.

Do virgin mobile sim cards work in T-mobile phones?

Yes,i,ve been with virgin for 6yrs,but every time i buy a new phone its t-mobile as they have a better range & cheaper & my virgin sim card works fine The only problem is the phone will have t-mobile settings but u can go on the virgin web site 4 the right settings

Can a sprint wireless phone work with a virgin mobile sims card in it?

If the handset has been unlocked from its original network, then yes.

How do you get virgin mobile top up cards free?

well it depends where you get your phone from for e.g if u got your phone from phones for u you would get a virgin mobile top up card for free but if you go somewhere else you wouldn't be able to get it fee !! LOLZ :)

Will a virgin sim card work in a t mobile phone?

Depends if the other phone is 'unlocked' for all networks. Only a practical test can make certain.

Can you use a tmobile phone with virgin mobile?

Provided it's been unlocked from t-mobile's network - yes. Virgin mobile will supply their own SIM card for your account. You could either get a new number or migrate your existing number from t-mobile.

If I take the Verizon SIM card out of my iPhone 4s can I put in a virgin mobile SIM card?

If you want to change your carrier from Verizon to Virgin Mobile, you would have to call the company first and see if the phone is compatible with their service. The only way you would be able to do this is if the iPhone is unlocked.

Razr 2 v 9m from virgin mobile it has no sim card it's just on their network is it still possible to unlock it?

If your phone does not have a SIM card then it is classified as a Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) phone. If you have a CDMA phone, then your phone is not unlockable.

Can you put a virgin mobile sim card into an at and t phone that's unlocked?

I'm pretty sure you can as long as your phone is unlocked then yes! I hope I could help :)

Can you unlock a virgin Mobile phone so it can us a t-mobile Sim card?

Yup you can do that by purchasing unlock code from any vendors online like WickedUnlock.com

Can you use a boost phone with t-mobile sim card?

can you use a boost phone with t-mobile phone sim card

Can you put a virgin sim card into an orange model phone?

can you put a virgin simcard into a orange phone

Can you track your lost phone even without a sim card?

when we off mobile phone and change a sim card it is appeared 9.00 am screen of mobile phone why it is ?

Can you use a virgin mobile phone with no sim card inserted in it?

No - although the handset will turn on if charged, you cannot make or receive calls, texts etc without a working SIM card.

What is a better phone from virgin mobile the wild card or the helio ocean?

the helio ocean is way better because it has more features than the wildcard

Can i use a att sim card on virgin mobile lg paylo phone?

if it's unlocked I think so, if not, procedures all over internet

Can you put music in a wild card virgin mobile phone?


Are the lg rumor touch the same from virgin mobile and sprint?

if the tmobile phone uses a sim card then no, if it doesnt then probably. if the phone is locked you will have to call tmobile or lg for the unock codes

Can you use a TracFone sim card in a boost phone?

Can I use my Trac phone sim card In my boost Mobile phone

What information is stored on a mobile phone SIM card?

The SIM card on a mobile phone stores the international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI0) of the owner. It also stores the key for identifying and authenticating a mobile phone service subscriber.

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