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As far as I know u can't without windows media center.

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2008-08-18 23:20:56
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Q: Can you use an Xbox 360 web browser without windows media center?
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What is media center in windows media center?

Windows Media Center acts as a kind of central gathering for all of the media programs that you have on your computer, such as Windows Media Player.

Where is the Media Center in Windows XP Professional?

Windows Media Center isn't part of Windows XP Professional. It was only available in Windows XP Media Center Edition.

Can you get minecraft on an xbox 360?

you cannot download it yet it will be avalible in spring 2012 you may be able to do i this way tho 1 connect xbox to computor via windows media center 2 download mce browser on pc 3 access windows media center on xbox and click applications and open mce browser 4 google and click play in browser

Is Netflix free for windows media player?

there is no such app for windows media player, but there is app for windows media center and it is not free.

How do you use windows media?

Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center, Windows Media Smart? Difficult to answer when your question can apply to several different softwares.

How do you customize the menu in Windows Media Center?

Is Vista Media center free on computers?

Windows media center is available with Windows Operating systems - Vista, Windows XP Media Center Edition, and all editions of Windows 7 except for Home and Starter. If its a Vista OS may be you can call it a vista media center, so you need your computer to have Windows Vista OS.

What are some advantages of Windows Media Center XP?

There are many advantages of using Windows Media Center for XP. The biggest advantages to using Windows Media Center XP would be a movie editor and movie player.

What converts content into the Windows Media format and sends it to the Windows Media Services server for real-time distribution?

Windows Media Center

How can someone download Windows Media Center?

Windows Media Center can be downloaded from the Microsoft website. One will also find on the Microsoft site advice on how to set up and use the Media Center.

Is windows media center free?

yes it is

In what folder can you find the executable for Media Center?

The executable file for Windows Media Center (MCE) is called ehshell.exe and is located in the Windows > ehomedirectory.

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