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NO! Betta fish, like all other fish, use their gills to absorb oxygen out of the water that they live in. In doing so, however, they also absorb certain trace minerals and other nutrients that are in the water, much like we do when we drink it. Distilled water contains no trace minerals or nutrients; it is completely sterile, and therefore has a lesser capability of harboring oxygen molecules (the molecules have nothing to "cling" to), not to mention trace minerals and such. Humans should not drink distilled water because of its' utter lack of mutrients and electrolytes, so think of it this way: if you can't drink it, your fish probably can't live in it. He'll almost certianly die if you make him live in distilled water, especially if it's free-standing water and doesn't have a filter/water pump.

fresh water fish absorb water trough their bodies, the body acts as a filter that is where the trace elements are gathered from.the diet of the fish will make up for any trace elements not absorbed thouhg the water, betas have a breathing tube, from it they can get oxegen straight from the surface,they do not depend totally on gills for air, they can almost live in sewer water and survive " that's how they stay alive in thoes little jars they are sold in. distilled water does not hurt betas!

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Q: Can you use distilled water with betta fish?
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Do Betta fish drink spring water?

Some people do not believe it but the best water to use in your betta fish tank is tap water. Bottled and distilled water has been "purified" and does not have the minerals that your Betta fish needs. If your tap water is so bad that you do not even drink it, than use spring water.

Can fish live in half distilled half tap water?

You should not use distilled water in a fish tank as it is missing vital minerals. Distilled water is basically water collected from steam

Can you use the purified water for your betta fish?

If you mean purified or distilled bottled water, yes you can. Be sure there is no chlorine in the water, or use the special compounds that can neutralize chlorine. Also consider adding (exactly according to directions) salt that is prepared for fresh water fish. This can have a soothing effect on your bettas.

How do you change Betta fish water?

A 20 - 25 percent water change every week is recommended for a betta. I use a product called "Betta Plus Conditioner" as an additive to provide great water for the fish to swim in.

Can you use drinking water for betta fish?

sure! that's what i do!

What is the use of distilled water?

it can be used as a drink it is not harmful and can be used with baby formulas also it can be used in fish tanks. distilled water is fancy for "purified" water.

Can you use purified water for betta fish tank?

Yes as long as it is not chlorinated.

Can i use tap water and boil it for betta fish?

No, you need a saltwater tank.

Do you have to use distilled water for a betta fish?

Whether you treat your water or use distilled water, the water MUST be dechlorinated and free of chloramine. I would personally recommend using the water treatment products. They are called water conditioner. Make sure that your water conditioner removes both chlorine and chloramine-chloramine is an unnoticed but equally toxic and deadly substance. Make sure to read the directions on the back of the water conditioner for proper dosage.

Can you use distilled water in a tropical fish tank?

The simple answer is No. Distilled water has had all the life giving impurities removed. Before using distilled water you would need to add specific quantities of minerals etc depending upon the species of fish you want to keep.

If you live on a well system then can you put your betta fish in the water that you have?

You can use StartRight to remove chlorine from your water but if your water is too hard or has a pH too high it will be harmful. The best choice is simply spring water you can buy at the grocery store for about 70 cents a gallon. Spring water, not drinking, not distilled.

What can you do for fresh water?

If you are talking about fish, I have a betta fish, and usually you use tap water, I do. Also if you would like to have safer water for the fish then you can use cleaners that you can buy at pretty much any pet store. I hope this helped!

Should you use distilled spring or drinking water in a fish bowl?

While I don't believe in keeping fish in a bowl you should never use distilled water to keep fish in. It will kill them eventually. Tap water is perfect for most fish once the chlorine has been removed/evaporated off. You can do this by simply leaving the water in a bucket overnight. I refuse to waste money on water conditioners.

What kind of name brands of bottled water can use on your betta fish?

Zephyrhills ...Spring Water...not Distilled, not Drinking...simply Spring Water. Zephyrhills Spring Water! That's all I used for my 3 Betta fish...they lived for quite some time happily blowing bubble nests and more little bubbles around the edge of their bowls. DeerPark Water I believe is the same exact thing although may be less expensive; if you go to each website it will look the same. My mother decided to no longer buy bottled water for her Betta fish, so she started adding TetraAqua BettaSafe to faucet water and cleans the 2 gallon bowl once a week, feeds him his Betta pellet food and also frozen brine shrimp. Her last Betta lived 5 years!

What fish can you put in a tank with a male Betta?

It's best not to put any fish in with a Male Betta unless you use a tank divider so the Betta cannot get to the other fish to fight.

Use of distilled water?

Certain chemical reactions require use of distilled water. Engines in our cars need distilled water. It is good practice to use distilled water for drinking purposes.

Do you need to use a heater to breed betta fish?

No they don't i had Betta fish for 2 years and never used a heater to breed them.

Can you use distilled water in a fish tank for fish and turtles?

This is not possible as the required minerals essential for the growth of aquatic life would be absent.

What causes betta fish water to be oily?

The products you use to clean the tank like soap or liquid products.

Can you use tap water for betta fish?

Provided the Chlorine is removed by either letting the water stand or the use of a water "conditioner" there is absolutely nothing wrong with tap water. The vast majority of aquarists use it.

Why you use distilled water for sterilization?

Distilled water has not impurities and dangerous microorganisms.

What kind of water do betta fish use?

You should use tap water or bottled water. If you are using tap or bottled water, make sure you buy a bottle of Water Air Contitioner for the Betta. Make sure it says: Betta Water Conditoner, or on the bottle it says it can be used on all kinds of fish. Also, at Petco, they have a gallon of something called Betta Water. You won't need any chemicals for this, they made this water safe for the Betta. Thinking about buying a Betta Fighting Fish or need the right supplies for it? Here is the list of supplies that you will need: -A GLASS bowl. [Plastic bowls might have harmful chemicals] -Betta Water Conditioner [Or a water conditoner that can be used for any kind fish] -Betta Fish Food -Rocks for the bowl -1 or more plants [Betta's love plants to hide in] - A sponge to clean out the Betta bowl [Clean it twice a week] -If you want, you could buy a net IF YOU want to. You could put him in a cup, too. This is about everything you need. By the way, you shouldn't put a Betta male and female together UNLESS its their breeding period. Otherwise, the male might damage the female because males are much larger then the females. NEVER put the same sex [male&male/female&female] together, because they WILL fight. Places to get Betta Fighting Fish: Petsmart, Petco, Walmart Supercenter. If you need to know anything else about the betta fight fish, look it up on , There should be some good sites there. Hope this information is helpful!! Good luck taking care of your Betta Fighting Fish!Bettas are freshwater fish and can be kept in dechlorinated tapwater (buy water treatment from your pet store). However, they do need their water kept clean and warm. It should be changed often, especially if not filtered. A betta MUST be kept either in a room with central heating, or in a heated tank or bowl. The water should not be allowed to drop below 18 degrees C.

What kind of water should you use for betta fish?

If you live in a city and use city water than prefferably bottled or filtered water. There is a lot of chlorine in city water as well as other chemicals that can irritate a sensitive fish. If you live in a rual area and use well water then just use your tap water.

Do betta fish breath air?

Yes. All fish need oxygen, including Betta fish. But Betta fish, as well as Gouramis are labyrinth fishes that have a structure that allow it to breath straight oxygen from regular air, they can also use there gills as well.

Is it safe for Betta fish to replace aquarium gravel with charcoal bits?

No. Charcoal bits will harm your betta fish. But you can use deactivated charcoal bits

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