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i would seek advice from your doctor,i have the same problem and my doctor prescribed me some achne cream which cleared the majority of it up.

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Q: Can you use proactive solution on your acne when you are pregnant?
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What can teens do to prevent acne?

use proactive!

Use the word proactive in a sentence?

"My face had tons of acne on it and i used proactive and now it looks better because the acne is gone."

How do you use proactive solution for acne?

i am 18 and have suffered from acne sense i was 12 i have a vid. on youtube listed as ( acne problems? ) check it out it may help u out a lot and let me know how it works for u

How do you treat teenager acne?

use proactive because it works really well!

How do you hide your acne scars?

To hide acne scars, use cover up from Clinique. If you want to get rid of acne for good, use Proactive. You might think that the commercial people are overdoing it by advertising Proactive every two seconds, but they're not. I use Proactive every day and it always works. The zits just stop. Or, you can stop eating junk food and exercise more to get rid of acne if you're too cheap to buy Proactive. Yes, it's about $60.

How can pimples be treated?

You can use an acne treatment called proactive. I have heard it really works.

Red dot on skin?

it might be acne or a pimple but i use the nutra wave or proactive to make my skin clear a pimple/acne free.

How do you cure acne on the face?

You use products such as astringent,proactive etc. and clean every night

How do you clean acne marks from skin?

You can use the proactive dark spot correcter. It works very well. The price is around $20 on the proactive website.

Can a teen age girl with acne still be a model?

Yes but of course you need to use proactive solution(it really works)! Definitly! Just believ in yourself and you'll go far!

Does the proactive solution for acne actually help teens to control there acne outbreak?

Most people see results within the first few days of use. However it is not guaranteed that it will help every teen control their acne outbreaks, since everybody is different, therefore, they react to the product differently.

What is the best product for acne on the back?

Hi use proactive, search ebay. It is great for the face AND back

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