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yes, just be careful not to let one come loose and have it beat your Jeep to death.

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What should you use Snow chains or snow cables for a 1996 eclipse?

i would say chains

2002 Trailblazer owner's manual states that tire chains cannot be used but can another traction device such as tire cables be used?

Chains as in actual chains cannot be used. However the tire chains reffered to as cable chains are the available readily and are made of strong aircarft cables sometimes covered with small round metal sleeves. They are sometimes reffered to as radial chains.

Does a Jeep Cherokee sport have a timing belt or a chain?

The 2.5L and 4.0L in a XJ Jeep Cherokee both have timing chains.

Why are food chains of a limited length?

Energy is NOT recycled in ecosystems.

Are there any belts in the engine of a 2001 grand Cherokee?

No, the 4.0 and 4.7 engines have timing chains.

Should you us snow chains or snow cables for a 1918 Camero car?

The Chevrolet Camaro wasn't introduced until 1967.

How are food chansand food webs different?

Food chains and food webs are different. This is because the webs have more relative food choices whereas the chains are limited.

What wheels do you put chains on 1999 grand voyager?

This is a front wheel drive vehicle and cables should be fitted only to the front tires.

What is a capa bar?

Capabar is the historical Royal Navy name for the widespread but illegal practice of selling off a ships stores eg. cables, chains and anchors.

Why is a food chain normally limited to 4 or 5 links?

Not all food chains are linked just 4 or 5.

How many timing chains does a 2002 Ford Explorer Limited 4.6 liter have?

The Ford 4.6 liter V8 engine has ( 1 timing chain to each cylinder head , so there are 2 timing chains )

How fast should you drive with chains on your tires?

Its important to know that you need the correct size chains for your tires. If they are properly adjusted well fitted chains. You should be able to travel up to 40mph depending on road conditions. Keep in mind the average speed you drive with chains is consistent with how long they will last. I tend to keep it under 30mph. As a general guideline, 30mph on properly tightened and adjusted chains should be max. If the conditions are bad enough to warrant the use of chains you should anticipate a slow rate of travel and not be in a hurry or try to 'push' the boundaries of what is safe or prudent. This is true for 'cables' as well as 'chains'

What do broken shackles mean on the statue of liberty?

Freedom from the chains of tyranny, archaic and useless traditions, religious persecution, limited opportunities.

What snow chains or cables are available for driving in snow conditions for a Saturn VUE 2WD?

The Saturn manual does not recommend conventional chains or cable due to tight clearances between the tire and front suspension. The Spider chains recommended by Saturn are over priced at $400 Plus. So I took some measurements and the clearances are tight. I purchase some $40 Cobra Cable chains made by Quality Chain, Hillsboro, OR for 235/60/17 tires that came with the Vue. Auto Zone selected the cables on the computer and recommended a set of cable tightners for $5. I installed the cables and tightners and check the clearances. The cable to Strut has 1" clear and the top of tire to underside of the strut spring support plate is only 1/2". So I drove it on dry asphault up to 20 MPH and had no noise. I believe cables will work well, if you keep your speed down and decrease it if you hear any metal to metal noise.

What constitutes permanently attached mobile home?

I've never heard the phrase before, but would guess it means sitting on concrete blocks and anchored to the concrete pad with cables or chains.

How much will a timing belt repair cost on a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo?

This vehicle should be chain driven. NOT BELT. Chains rarely failWhats the reason for repair

What are the release dates for Game of Thrones - 2011 Breaker of Chains 4-3?

Game of Thrones - 2011 Breaker of Chains 4-3 was released on: USA: 20 April 2014 Netherlands: 21 April 2014 (limited)

Why are food chains only limited to 4-5 tropic levels?

because nature has its own sets of rules and regulations and it has to work that way

Why are food chains especially useful for describing the relationships for specialists?

Because they only eat a limited variety of organisms, thus it shows those organisms.

Tire chains for Ford Focus?

buy the chains buy the chains

What are food chains that overlap?

food chains that overlap I think are called overlapping food chains. Food chains that overlap are called overlapping food chains.

What are some things that are suspended from ropes chains or cables?

Suspension bridges, tire swings, sometimes strategically placed above rivers or ponds, and large gongs and their strikers (hammers) are often suspended with rope.

How did the silver bridge colapse?

Thh eyebars used in the construction failed. The bridges "cables" were made of chains of the eyebars. When several of the eyes on the eyebars failed the chain failed, when the chain failed the bridge failed.

Does a 2000 Grand Cherokee Limited 4.7 V8 have a timing belt or timing chain What is the manufacturers recommendation for changing?

the 4.7 v8 has 3 timing chains, i am not sure of manufactures rec, but i do know that if a chain goes, you can kiss the motor good bye. i would recomend all 3 anywere from 150000 kms to 200000. could be a pricey job. tensioners, guides, etc.

Before the steam engine how did they transport things over water?

In some cases at least, horses or ponies hauled chains, ropes or cables attached to canal boats and walked along towpaths beside these waterways.

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