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Usually, yes.

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Can you substitute oil for shortening on pie crust?

No, pie crust is one of the things that has to use a solid shortening.

How much vegetable oil instead of shortening when baking cookies?

For most cookies you can't use oil in place of shortening.

Can you use shortening in place of lard?

Shortening is made from hydrogenated vegetable oil, such as soybean oil, while lard is made from animal fat. But you can use shortening in recipes that call for lard.

If the recipes calls for butter and shorting what can use instead of shortening?

In some recipes, oil works well in place of shortening. If a solid fat is needed, lard or schmaltz (chicken fat) will work.

Can you substitute oil for shortening in a cake recipe?

Yes, but the results might not be the same. Liquid oil and solid shortening have slightly different properties. You might need to use slightly less oil for similar results, when "creaming" shortening the results do not work for oil, but this step would be dispensed with when using oil. Butter or lard, which shortening was designed to replace, will get the same results as shortening.

What can you use in place of butter?

Margarine, shortening, oil. If baking, you can substitute applesauce.

When using shortening instead of oil do you still use the same amount of shortening as oil?

No you dont because shortening is worse than oil, and it good not to use more. In this case less shortening would actually be more.

What if you have no vegetable oil to use in brownies?

Use what you have. Butter, margarine, solid shortening, anything but lard. Melt it and let it cool. Same amount.

Do they use lard in the frying oil at checkers?

No. Checkers, like many food processors, uses solid canola shortening.

Can you use butter flavored shortening in place of regular shortening?

Yes, you can easily use butter flavored shortening in place of regular shortening in most any recipe without a problem.

Can you use oil instead of shortening when baking cookies?

NOPE.... use shortening or margarine = soft cookies, use butter = crispy cookies. If you use oil, you'll have a mess.

How do you convert shortening to oil in a recipe?

Use 2/3 or 3/4 cup vegetable oil (I use canola) for each cup of shortening or butter.

What to use in cake mix if you don't have oil?

Oil is used because it is easy. For a mix, you can use any kind of shortening, butter, margarine, solid shortening, even lard if you really had to. Melt it and let it cool. The finished cake may be slightly heavier than with oil, but not so much that it will cause a problem.

Can you use shortening instead of vegetable oil in zucchini bread?

Yes, melted shortening can replace vegetable oil in zucchini bread, although shortening is not a healthy choice.

How much vegetable oil would you substitute for a recipe that calls for 2 tablespoons of shortening?

I would think the same amount. But, you won't get the same results. Shortening is a saturated fat like lard or butter. Oil is an unsaturated fat. You won't get at all the same results. I would sub butter. If you are veg and you dont want to use animal fat but you are trying to avoid the trans fats in solid vegetable shortening, use palm oil or coconut. These are naturally solid at room temperature.

What can you use in place of shortening in your cookie recipe?

If you want to cut down on the fat content, you can use applesauce in place of shortening in your cookie recipe.

Can butter be used in place of shortening in cakes?

Butter is shortening. It is still arguably the best shortening to use in cakes.

Can you vegetable shortening in a cake?

You can not eat vegetable shortening in is edible...but you can not use it in can use vegetable oil if you like....:)

Can you use vegetable oil for shortening?

Depends on the recipe, you couldn't use oil for pie crust.

If you do not have vegetable oil how much shortening do you use?

it depends what the oil is being used for.

If the recipe calls for vegetable oil can you use shortening?

No you cant

Can you use oil for shortening in a chocolate cake recipe?


Can you use vegetable oil in stead of crisco?

If the recipe calls for shortening do not substitute for oil.

Can you use shortening for cupcakes instead of oil?

instead of oil try apple sauces

How do you use oil in baking instead of margarine?

You can also maybe use shortening.

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