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Can you wear your swimsuit in your pool that you wore to the beach if you bleach it?

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βˆ™ 2006-07-16 21:19:48

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Just wash normally in hot water. I did not know that there was a rule. I wear my swimsuits to the beach and to the pool. Nothing has ever happend to my swimsuits or to the pool.

2006-07-16 21:19:48
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Q: Can you wear your swimsuit in your pool that you wore to the beach if you bleach it?
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What should you wear to the beach?

a swimsuit

What can you wear in a swimming pool in France?

Preferably a swimsuit.

Can guy wear female swimsuit to a public beach or pool?

no I know for a fact that you can do it. I've done it many times myself. Just don't act pervy. I also got permission at the YMCA pool as long as the swimsuit had a skirt to hide the bulge.

Where can a man wear a thong swimsuit in piblic?

Blacks Beach

What shirts are best for beach wear?

Swimsuit covers or tank tops are best for hot summer days on the beach.

Name something you wear to the beach that you'd never wear to a job interview?

swimsuit, towel, life jacket

Should a boy wear girls swimsuit to the beach?

The Answer Is No, Boys Wear Swim Trunks And Girls Wear Full Body Swim Suits And Bikini's

What brand of swimsuit do the women's olympic beach volleyball players wear?

They wear oakley. They are one of the official sponsore For London olympics.

What is bikini?

Its a two piece set that you can wear to the beach or pool.

What kind of shoes should by child wear on the beach?

wearing the slip on water shoes is great.They are light weight and could wear in the pool or at the beach

How can you clean mold off of a pool cage?

scrub it with choline or bleach. wear ruber gloves.

Is it good to ask your boyfriend what swimsuit he wants you to wear to beach?

Yes, it stopped me from buying some stupid retro polka dotted swimsuits.

Why do swimsuit models wear heals?

Swimsuit models wear heels because it creates a slimming appearance and makes their legs look longer. Additionally, it also flatters the swimsuit better.

What did a migrant in the 1930s wear?


Can you swim in the pool with your period if you wear pads?

If you are still bleeding heavily, choose a pad that's as thick as you can handle having under your swimsuit, and plan to get out and change it every hour or two. Pads are ideal for swimming in water that is murkier or darker, such as a lake or river. If you wear one in a swimming pool, consider wearing board shorts over your swimsuit to cover any bulkiness.

Do you have to wear a swimsuit to go to the canadian national exhibition?

If your choice is either wearing a swimsuit or wearing nothing at all, then yes, you would have to wear your swimsuit. The nearest clothing optional beach to the Canadian National Exhibition is at Hanlan's Point, in the Toronto Island Park. On the other hand, you can wear as much clothing as you like. Considering that there is likely to be plenty of sunshine, it would be wise to keep yourself covered and not end up with a bad sunburn.

When does Winry wear a swimsuit in Fullmetal Alchemist brotherhood?

she doesn't the swimsuit scene is in one of the games

What do they wear to dive in the Olympics?

A speedo or a swimsuit.

Can you wear a gymnastics leotard as a swimsuit?

No. But you can if you want! =)

Can a guy wear swimsuit in public?


Can you wear Justice water shoes in the pool?

Sure you can! They are water shoes, made for pool and beach. You can also wear them as regular shoes if you want, I know a couple of girls that wear them everyday to school. They are great shoes, enjoy them!

Would you wear a swimsuit or fur coat at 45 degrees celsius?

A swimsuit and sitting in the shade with a cold drink.

How do you get into your YoVille hot tub?

you need to wear a swimsuit

Is swimsuit is a noun?

Yes, the word 'swimsuit' is a noun, a garment designed to wear when swimming; a word for a thing.The noun 'swimsuit' is a singular, common, concrete, compound noun.

When does Donald Duck wear pants?

If he's going to swim in a swimming pool or at the beach he wears swimming trunks.