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Generally once a lease is signed the terms cannot be amended unless all parties agree. The determination of what can and cannot be done is decided by the wording of the original agreement. However, a supposedly "oral/verbal" contract is difficult for a landlord to prove if it becomes an issue for the court. If the tenant did not agree to any amendment action being acceptable when the original contract was entered into, the landlord cannot arbitrarily make changes to the agreement.

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Q: Can your commercial landlord convert your written lease to an oral lease without notice within the term of the written lease?
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Without a written lease is it a month to month lease?

No, without a written lease, the landlord can only evict the same as a month to month lease agreement (30 days) but the protections to the tenant and landlord are not stated.

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Can a landlord change terms of lease after its been signed?

A landlord cannot make changes to the lease after it has been signed without you agreeing in writing to the changes. You are under no obligation to agree to any changes. Any changes made without your written permission are not valid.

Can a landlord enter a rentor's home without permission in the state of Delaware?

No, in order to enter the tenant's property for whatever reason, the landlord must give prior written notice; usually seven days.

Does a tenant have the right to change the locks without the consent of the owner?

Matters such a locks are usually covered in a written lease. If it's not covered or if there is no written lease you probably can. BUT, you must give the landlord a key. The landlord has the right to enter in an emergency and upon reasonable notice to the tenant to inspect the premises. Keep in mind that landlord / tenant relationships without a written lease are generally governed by state law, so the conclusion may differ from state to state. When I was a landlord, there was an option to change the keys for a tenant. I had it done at my cost and held a key. Most locksmiths will not change the keys if you do not own the home. In many commercial leases the tenant is EXPECTED to change the locks and the landlord may not want to even have a key. For example, when renting a self-storage unit, the tenant would typically add his or her own lock to the unit. Upon default or emergency, the landlord would simply break the lock to gain entry, then put on a new lock.

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Do i have to create a written rental agreement to rent out my property?

You probably don't have to (landlord/tenant laws vary by state), but you would be really stupid to rent property without a written agreement.

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Can a landlord remove somebody without a tenancy agreement?

Can a landlord remove somebody without a tenancy agreement? Sure!! A tenancy agreement, however, doesn't have to be written. As long as the landlord accepts money from a tenant for the right to live on the property or unit, the tenancy agreement exists. If the landlord wants to terminate the tenancy he may do so but only with proper notice. For example if the tenancy is month-to-month then the landlord can only terminate the tenancy if written notice is given at least 30 days before the next rent is due. If the tenancy is week-to-week, then a week's notice must be given before the next rent is due, to terminate such tenancy. A landlord may also remove someone whose name is not on a lease or any other tenancy agreement. This wouldn't require such notice because that type of person doesn't have the same rights as the original tenant.

Commercial Lease?

Get StartedA real estate lease is a written agreement between a Landlord (lessor) and a Tenant (lessee) establishing the rights and responsibilities of each party. The Landlord is the owner of real estate (also known as "premises") who leases (rents) that property to a Tenant for the Tenant's use. A "residential" lease applies to real estate used as a residence, while a "commercial" lease applies to business property.A written lease should be prepared and signed whenever property is rented, to reduce the likelihood of misunderstandings between the Tenant and the Landlord regarding the rental arrangement.