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If the employer is compensating you for the use of your truck, i.e, a mileage rate, then yes they can ask to be listed as an additional insured. However, if they fail to pay you anything for the use of your vehicle, they have no right to demand anything regarding your vehicle. It should also be noted that if you have an accident while in the performance of your employment, they are ultimately liable. Make sure you inform your carrier that you are using the truck for their work - then watch your rates go through the roof.

2015-07-15 20:53:03
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Where can you get personal insurance at?

You can purchase personal insurance from any insurance company either online or in an actual store front insurance company. It is important to have personal insurance so perhaps ask some of your friends or business associates who they are insured with.

Can a company be put on auto insurance as an additional and will this satisfy personal insurance when driving the vehicle on company time?

No, the company cannot drive! If the company wants you to use your personal car for company business, they should provide insurance for that use.

If you are driving your personal car on a business errand and your car is hit in the parking lot who is responsible for the damage you or the company?

Your insurance company may deny the claim due to business use, but they would be the primary coverage. Insurance stays with the car. But your employer should certainly offer to pay for this damage. I would file with my company and if there is coverage, maybe your employer would pay your deductible, if it is denied then file with your employer. If you would like to provide more details I could be of greater assistance.

What type of insurance do the company Chubb offer?

The Chubb Group provides insurance for business and personal related matters. Their business insurance covers property and casualty while their personal insurance covers cars, homes, and valuables.

Does personal car insurance cover you while on company business?

No,, while on a company bus you would be covered under the companies insurance.

When was The Personal Insurance Company created?

The Personal Insurance Company was created in 1974.

What does the workers comp insurance company need from the employer?

The workers comp insurance company requires the employer to insure all the employees.

What are some services that Capital Insurance provides?

Capital Insurance provides personal insurance, business insurance, professional liability, and bonds. This insurance company is an independent insurance agency.

How can you reduce cost insurance of the company?

Make it a L.L.C. or L.L.P. A sole proprietorship has low insurance. If you incorporate it and separate business from personal, it will increase insurance.

Are you covered while driving a company vehicle on personal time?

Categorically no. The insurance relates solely to driving on company business.

Can your employer insist that you carry full coverage auto insurance?

If your vehicle is being used for company/business purposes, yes.

What types of insurance does commerce insurance company offer?

Commerce insurance offers auto insurance, homeowners' insurance, personal umbrella insurance, earthquake and flood insurance, and business insurance. It is based in Massachusetts.

What is offered by Midland Insurance?

Midland Insurance are a UK company offering a wide range of personal and business insurance. These include: public liability insurance, motor insurance and scaffolders liability insurance.

What country is The Personal Insurance Company located in?

The Personal Insurance Company is an automobile and home insurance group. The company is located in Ontario, Canada. It is a Canadian leader in group insurance.

What type of services are offered by a Banner life insurance company?

There are several services offered by 'Banner life insurance company' such as life insurance. They offer many different plans and life insurance for personal or business use.

Can a commercial vehicle have personal insurance?

The answer would be no. But in the case small business they use company car 9 am -5 pm, then they use it for personal use.In that case they can have in their personal name the business owner, a personal auto policy will cover them.If the company owns vehicles and ofcourse they are titled in the business's name, they need commercial vehicle insurance for complete coverage.

Can your employer ask for your personal auto insurance to operate company vehicles?

Yes and no. They are not asking for your personal insurance to have it cover their vehicles. What they are asking for this insurance information is because as you may use your personal vehicle to run an errand like go to the post office or such. Their insurance carrier probably requires this knowledge in case a claim arose

Small Business Insurance?

form_title=Small Business Insurance form_header=Small business insurance is necessary to protect your company. An insurance professional can help you identify the potential risks associated with your company and customize your policy to meet those needs. Type of insurance needed:= {(),Business Owners Policy,Business Auto Insurance,Business Property Insurance,Business Liability Insurance,Home Business Insurance,Workers' Compensation,Business Umbrella Liability,Professional Liability Insurance,Directors and Officers Liability,Business Identity Theft,Group Health Insurance,Business Life Insurance,Key Person Life Insurance,Agricultural Insurance,Product Liability Insurance,Personal Insurance,Not Sure} Number of Full Time Employees=_ Years In Business=_

Can your boss refuse to give you health insurance?

In the UK a company has to have certain liability insurance for the public and employees. The type and extent of that insurance would depend on the business itself. No company is required to supply personal health insurance outside of the liabilities of such insurance.

If you want a settlement from workers comp does the money come from your employer?

Workers compensation is an insurance. Your employer pays a premium during each billing period (monthly, quarterly, annually, however frequently) for coverage. This works just like any other insurance business: the insurance company will pay for covered claims. Claims may cause the insurance company to raise premiums if they feel the business has become more of a risk.

Does it matter that your car is registered under business name and your insurance is under you personal name?

I doubt it,I would make sure your insurance company knows that the vehicle is titled in the business name, and that the business is the owner of the vehicle.

What are the risks of not having personal property insurance?

A personal property insurance protects the workplace and any assests the company owns. Without it you can lose copyrights and it would leave damage to the integrity of business.

What is the difference between personal credit and business credit?

The difference between personal credit and business credit is that personal credit only applies to one person; one's self. However business credit can be applied to the employees in any company which are covered by the business insurance.

Where can you get express insurance?

Personal Express is an auto insurance and personal insurance company. It is a very good company, however its only advantage is that the only place to get Express Insurance is in California.

Is the insurance company required to notify you if your employer cancels the company policy thereby cancelling the employee coverage?

No. The Employer must notify you.