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Can your ex-wife who has primary custody of your children have a live in boyfriend in Louisiana?

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2006-08-14 13:02:08

yes she can * The state does have existing laws that forbid

cohabitation of non married individuals. Therefore the non

custodial parent could file a complaint with social services or

preferably with the court that issued the custodial order. The

state does not recognize common law marriages with the exception of

the city of New Orleans which allow domestic partners to live

together without benefit of marriage. The non custodial parent

should present evidence as to why the living arrangements of the

custodial parent present an unsuitable environment for the minor

child/children before social services will become involved. This

applies also if the non custodial parent chooses to bring the

matter before the court, which would be the best option if he or

she wishes to have the situation addressed.

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