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Usually when a couple gets divorced they also decide on custody of the children. If you waived your rights to your children then she is free to go where she wants and as far as she wants with the children. If you didn't agree to this and have partial custody she can't leave the State without your consent and if she did this could be considered "kidnapping" in some States. If neither of you bothered re custody of the children and you just saw them when you felt like it, then you can sue her right back and legally get custody of your children. I suggest you seek legal counsel. These are reasons a court may give full custody of the children to the wife: The father was abusive to the mother or children Alcohol/drug abusive Refusing to work Working, but not supporting the wife and children Refusing to pay child support Holding back money on child support Quitting work so as not to pay child support Had the freedom to see the children, but didn't bother If any of the above fit your scenerio then you may have difficulties getting partial child support. Marcy

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Q: Can your ex move out of state and sue you for custody even though the divorce was final in Texas?
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How long does it take for a divorce to be final after you file for divorce in Texas?

It takes 60 days for a divorce to be final in Texas. So, including the day you file, 61 days.

In TEXAS how long after a divorce can you get remarried?

30 days after the divorce is final

Can a father get joint custody after the divorce is final and the ex-wife has full custody?

He has every right to go back to court to petition for joint custody, yes.

What kind of parental rights will my husband have for our children once the divorce is final?

The rights your ex-husband will have once you divorce will all depend on what the judge rules. He could have joint custody or split custody.

Who has child custody rights before divorce is final in Maryland?

If no court order is in place stating otherwise, the biological mother has presumptive custody of her children.

If you are married to a man in Texas and get married to another man in Louisiana before your divorce from the Texas man is final what is your status?

If you marry a man in Texas, you are married to that man until your divorce is final. So if you try to marry a man in Louisiana before your Texas divorce is final, the second marriage is invalid. In order to get a marriage license, you have to state that you are not already married. If you are, then you lied on the application, which will invalidate the license. You could also be charged with the crime of bigamy. You will have to marry him again after the Texas divorce is final if you want to be married to him.

If Texas has a law that you must wait 30 days after your divorce is final to remarrycan you go to another state like Nevada and remarry there?

If you divorce in Texas you must follow Texas law.

How long do you have to be separated in Texas before getting divorced?

You will have to wait for a full year in texas, before a final divorce.

If there is an appeal pending on divorce is the divorce final?

No. The appeal is the answer from your spouse. The divorce isn't final until you get the final divorce degree.

Can a divorce expire in the state of Texas?

A divorce decree never expires. The terms mentioned in the decree are final until they are modified by a court order.

Is there a waiting period to remarry in Colorado after a divorce is final in Texas?

Texas law takes precedence in such a case and both parties are required to wait 6 months after the final divorce decree before they can remarry. Texas does have the legal option available for either party to request a waiver of the waiting period.

How long do you have to be married before a divorce can be filed in the state of Texas?

There is no number of days that you have to be married in TX in order to divorce. You will have to wait at least 60 days for the divorce to become final.

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