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Can your father take a car that you purchased with your mother as a cosigner if you were behind on payments but have caught up?


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2015-07-15 20:47:57
2015-07-15 20:47:57

Joce;yn. your Dad is probably doing his best to protect your's and your Mom's credit. He has an interest in your Moms credit , you know. If you don't get to drive the car anymore, your best option is to get Dad to put the loan in HIS and your Moms name. That clears up your credit, such as it may be @ 24. Then go buy a car on your own with no co-signors. Bet he doesnt take the keys if he isn't worried about paying the notes. good Luck


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Depending on the state of residence, it is possible for a lender to still repossess your car if you get caught up on the payments. Certain states allow a lender to request full payment of an auto loan when borrowers fall behind, even if they have caught up on past due payments.

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A batsman edging the ball and keeper takes his catch is caught behind

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Yes, you are responsible If the person you co-signed for is behind in payments and the insurance coverage expires you are responsible to insure the car until it is sold or the person gets the payments caught up and pays the insurance.

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