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No, I am sorry to say he is not going to change. Abusers, like druggies or alcoholics that live in denial honestly think they are just fine and will not seek help. Even if they managed to seek psychological help they are egotistical enough to feel it's everyone else's fault or "no one understands them." It's called denial. Abusers have learned this style of life either from their environment or they felt through the years that they didn't get a fair shake in society and that the abuser should have a better position in life, more money or reveered more by their peers. Abusers seldom pick on other men, but take their frustrations out on those that are weaker than themselves such as their girlfriend, spouse, children or elderly parents. The abuser is actually a weak individual and is more fearful than the victim could ever realize. Abusers need total control of the environment around them and they are never settled in their environment and never at peace. If they weren't so violent at times one would have to feel sorry for them. Abusers can be dangerous, so never underestimate them. If you want to get out of this relationship there are "Abused Women's Centers" in your town/city or if you can't find the # simply phone "Mental Health" and they will guide you in the right direction. They will keep you in a "safe house" give you free legal help and counseling and get you on your feet. Good luck Marcy No, they tend to get worse instead of better. Someone I know is living the exact life for the exact amount of years. You have to quit waiting on a miracle to happen and learn to understand that you are not a failure.

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Q: Can your husband really change if he has cheated on you told lies and emotionally abused you for 15 years?
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Would you tell an ex boyfriend that was emotionally abusive that you knew he cheated when you were together?

I guess the real question is why are you still talking to an ex boyfriend who was emotionally abusive? You can tell him anything you want, but it won't change him. The best thing to do is to figure out why you were attracted to someone who abused you and cheated on you. A therapist or counselor can probably help you sort it out. Do it NOW...before you marry someone like him and have his children....then you will just continue the cycle.

What do you do when the husband find out you cheated with his wife?

change your name and get the hell out of town

Will my ex husband ever change we were married for 15 years and he cheated and verbally lied to me?

It shouldn't matter. He's your EX HUSBAND. He's not your issue anymore. He doesn't need to change for you.

What if he cheated with a man?

Unfortunately, doesn't change the fact he still cheated and you deserve better.

Should you tell your wife you cheated on her?

Definately. It is MUCH better to tell her that you've cheated than for her to find out through someone else or something else. Take Tiger Woods for example... All of his hard work of being a husband went down the drain because of his decisions. Realize you can't change the past, but you can change the future.

What should you do when your boyfriend thinks drinking in a bar is more important than his family?

Dump him, unless you are really into a lifetime of being disappointed and/or emotionally abused. He promises to change, and he doesn't? If this has happened more than once, dump him.

Should you leave an emotionally abused household?

yes the day that your boyfriend or girlfriend is working pack everything up and go far away or call the cops change the keys and get an alarm and the police to stay with you for a couple of days

Your husband is with new partner he abused you for years will he abuse his new partner?

Just be glad he's out of your life. Don't worry if he abuses the new partner of not. Leaopards rarely change you know,

What to do when you love your husband but he is a drug user he lies and he cheated on you and he isn't doing anything to change his ways and he says he don't need marriage counseling?

You love someone who lies to you, cheats on you, and uses drugs?

What will you do if your husband cheats?

If your husband cheated on you, you'd either give him another chance for your marriage, or break up with him. If your husband cheats you will have to decide if the marriage is worth saving. In many cases, if a man cheats he will more than likely cheat again and you should move on. If he truly wants to change then you can set up marriage counseling.

What could cause a women to change emotionally?


If you cheated on your husband lived with another man 4 9 months then came back to him but want to leave now how do you tell your disapproving family and spouse?

kill your family, change your name, and move to iraq.

Marry for 12 years husband cheated several times and with one woman they had a child you can seem to get over it and you don't want to face it either?

If he cheated, move on. He isn't worth sobbing about. "Don't let your history control your past" is a quote I say a lot. Read The Noticer by Andy Andrews it might change you.

Can people change if they have cheated?

I think most people can change if they cheated. If they feel truly sorry about what they did usually they don't want to go back down that road. If they keep cheating they could have a serious problem, or they're just taking you for a ride. The only reason why I say this is because I was cheated on, I gave my husband a second chance. I could truly see how disgusted he was with himself, but I also let him know if he did it again I wouldn't be around. Good Luck ANSWER: It depends, but there are some who do, and some that don't.

What is the duration of Don't Change Your Husband?

The duration of Don't Change Your Husband is 1.43 hours.

Why is puberty a social issue?

as you change emotionally and have mood swings.

What are the 5 ways people can change?

Physically Intellectually Emotionally Socially Spiritually

What things about a person can change after a breakup?

Their appearance might change, and they might be less emotionally stable.

Can another woman change a man who abused his first wife?

Usually - NO. Abusers do NOT change

How long does it take for a wife to decide if she wants to make her marriage work after her husband cheated on her?

In my eyes it depends on how many time's he cheated. If its more than once I would leave him. ANSWER: Each individuals are different when it comes to what she wanted to do, to her marriage. There are some wives that will divorce her husband because their life will never be the same anymore. But some will linger till everything she wanted to see is going to change for better..

When was Don't Change Your Husband created?

Don't Change Your Husband was created on 1919-01-26.

Types of development?

When it comes to development it comes in physical and emotional ways. Our bodies change and emotionally we change and grow. In fact, I believe we emotionally grow all the time. This is done by going through different experiences in life. It is important to change for the postive.

How do you stop being emotionally hurt from rude remarks from husband?

You leave, unless he is willing to go to extensive counseling sessions with you. There are major problems with the relationship, and unless both of you change they will continue. Most likely, leaving is the best option. Deadening your emotions will not work, as they will come out eventually whether you want them to or not -- or you will become seriously ill mentally and emotionally.

Will your verbally emotionally and sometimes physically abusive husband ever change?

Sure, he's likely to get worse. Things won't get better unless you make it happen. Either leave him or make him go with you for marriage counseling. See where it goes from there.

Should you finish your boyfriend if they sort of cheated on you?

yes , but if i love him i will change his mind