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Answer:Depends on the argument. If it was over an unexpected pregnancy, usually not. The parent is still responsible to the minor child until their 18th birthday or they become emancipated. But showing that the 15 year old child put themselves in that situation they have essentially taken the first steps to emancipate themselves. If it is over drugs and your mother kicked you out than more power to her. I wouldn't want the illegal narcotics in my home either. It seems that your mother is trying to keep you out for one reason or another. If you feel uncomfortable about the living situations there and don't truly want to return then their are agencies that can help. Here's a thought. If your mom kicked you out then why would she call the cops and report you as a runaway. Seems to me that would only enlisit the cops to bring you back. Answer:

if she kicks you call the cops she can be arrested for that and making fake reports so be sure to contact the police

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Q: Can your mom kick you out of the house if you are only 15 because of an argument and she call the cops saying that you ran away instead of the truth?
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