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That's a difficult question to answer it really depends upon what the item is, the circumstances and the age of the child. One example is a child saves their money to purchase a Game Boy, and then a parent takes the Game Boy for disciplinary reasons: the answer is yes, parents have authority over minor children until they reach the age of majority. A vehicle is a different matter, state laws regarding real property would to some extent be applicable, and depends upon how the vehicle is titled. Another example would be if a minor receives permission from the court to leave the family or the parents agree the minor may move in with another relative, the minor may take all personal items belonging to them (clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, educational items, etc.) and all items that were presented to the person as a gift. In the majority of situations it is very difficult to determine the legality of what property actual belongs to a minor and what action a parent can take regarding said property.

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Q: Can your mother take an item that you own away from you?
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