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If the vehicle was purchased after marriage YES most states recognize any purchases made after marriage as Joint purchases

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Q: Can your wife be held liable if a car that is titled only in your name is repossessed?
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Is family liable for payment on a repossessed car?

Whoever's name is signed on the loan paperwork is the one liable.

If your wife bought a car before your marriage and now it is repossessed are you liable?

If it isn't in your name it shouldn't be.

Are you responsbile for keeping insurance on a car titled in your name but you are not the primary driver?

As the registered owner you can be held responsible and financially liable for the actions of the drivers you allow to operate your vehicle. It would therefore be advisable to maintain your auto insurance.

Can i let my x wife drive my car and make the payments and I not be held liable she can't get financed in her name because of her credit?

NO, if she cannot get the financeing she cannot be held liable. If you sign the paperwork you assume ALLliabilty.

Can I be held liable for an account my spouse opened in my name?

Yes, if your spouse had your permission to open the account.

Can a parent who cosigns a vehicle loan for their child be held liable for any accidents if the vehicle is titled in the child's name?

It is the insured that is liable not the loan signers. Although if you live under your parents roof and are legally dependant then they could be sued but it is highly unlikely that they would be held accountable. Anyone can be sued for anything in this country but it is the courts that determine the success or failure of the suit. Tell Dad that You are the defendant in a suit not Him. Y-THINK-Y

What if an ex start using name with out permission or if she opens any account's in your last name can you be held liable?

If she opens an account with her first and your last name, you would not be liable. If she opens an account with your first and last name, you may be liable, especially if she uses your SS#. If you have reason to believe this has happened, contact the bank and report the fraud.

In California are you liable for payments on a voluntarily repossessed car purchased by your spouse prior to marriage if you never used it because you can't drive a manual transmission?

IF your name was NOT on the contract, you're NOT responsible for it. If it was , you are.

If you were involved in an accident that was your fault and had no insurance can your husband be held liable in a judgment My husbands name is on the vehicle with mine in IL?


If your 16 year old son has an auto accident and the vehicle is in his name and the insurance is in his name can you be sued?

Yes, he is still a minor and as such you may be held liable for his actions.

In Texas can the custodial parent be held liable for the child's cell phone bill provided by the noncustodial parent?

Whose name is the phone in?

At what age can a car be titled in your name?

You have to be 16 for a car to be titled in your name.

Can you get insurance on a car not titled in your name?

no you can't Its not in your name so you can't get insurance from a car that is not titled in your name

Can my mother be held liable if her name is still on a truck title that belongs to her now ex boyfriend for example if he gets into an accident or causes one can she be sued?


Who is liable when title is in one name and driven by another?

Title holder is always liable.

Can you be held liable for a cell phone bill in small claims court that isn't even in your name?

Yes, Tash, you can. Now please pay me what you owe me, or get sued. Your choice.

Is there a movie titled Movie?

titled Movie is no ,, there are different others name about these movies

Your ex-husband had a vehicle repossessed after you moved to Maine Can a Calif collection agency collect the debt from you?

If your name is on the loan for the repossessed car, you are probably liable for its payment. If, however, during your divorce proceedings, you pro-actively removed your name from this loan, you may be able to present that proof to the lender, so that you are not pursued for the amount owed. Be aware, however, that WikiAnswers' answers are provided by volunteers, and not by attorneys. You are best advised to seek legal counsel to clear your name.

If your husband is a co-applicant for a mortgage loan can you be held liable for the debt if the loan is in default?

Keyword here is "Co-applicant" ... Both of you are equally responsible and liable for the debt. If your name is not listed on the mortgage deed, then there would be little recourse in coming after you for the amount owed.

If you're married and your husband's car is soley in his name and was repossessed will it show on your credit as repossessed?

No, because you have your own separate credit report.

Can a spouse have her name placed on your credit cards as a second card holder with out your authorization Can you be held financially liable for her debts in Florida these were not joint accounts?

Under Florida law a spouse cannot be held liable for debt repayment if the debt was not jointly incurred. The issue concerning the second card holder will need to be taken up with the creditor. If the couple were still legally married at the time, the creditor will probably accept the spouse's right to use the account. In which case the account holder will be held liable for all charges pertaining to the account in question.

Are you liable if you are getting a divorce and your house is facing foreclosure but your name is not on the deed?

Getting a devorce and house is facing forclosure but my name is not on deed. Am I liable.

Can you buy a car in Florida and have it titled in your name but tagged and insured by someone else?

You can have it insured in your name, You can have it titled in your name as lienholder and have it registered to another party



In the state of Ohio can a husband be held financially responsible for the wife's repossessed vehicle if his name is not on the loan?

No, Ohio is not a community property state, therefore debts solely incurred by one spouse are not the responsibility of the other.