Car smoke after rain

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If the car is smoking after rainfall some what could have gotten into the engine bay. A hot engine will cause the water to turn into steam.

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Q: Car smoke after rain
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What happen when acid rain falls on the planet?

acid rain comes from factory smoke, car exhaust, and other dangerous smoke. it ruins bildings, plants, etc.

What is the use of rain guards?

There are a number of items referred to as rain guards. I am assuming that you are referring to the rain guards that are mounted on the outside of a car window. These are also referred to as side window deflectors. The side window deflector is used to keep rain or wind from coming into the car when the window in open a small amount. People often leave the window partially open to get ventiliation or when then smoke. The rain deflector will allow the air to circulate or the smoke to leave the cabin while keeping rain and wind out of the car. The side window deflectors are custom designed for each vehicle.

Can smoke from factories cause acid rain?

Smoke from factories and vehicle pollution is the main cause of acid rain. The pollutants merges with rain and the rain becomes acidic.

When does acid rain occour?

it occurs when smoke goes into the clouds if its about to rain it mixes with the cloouds and if rain falls it cauases acid rain it occurs when smoke goes into the clouds if its about to rain it mixes with the cloouds and if rain falls it cauases acid rain

What makes up acid rain?

when smoke from factories pollute the air, the smoke gets into the clouds and creates acid rain.

Why does car smoke?


How acid rain is caused?

acid rain is cause by all the pollution in the air like smoke for instance, when the rain pours near a factory roof where there is alot of smoke it will go in then out of it and there it is acid smoke witch is very bad for the environment

Smoke from your campfire hugs the ground?


What is the difference between smog and acid rain?

Smog is smoke and fog but acid rain is poisoned rain.

How do humans affect the ocean?

Human affect the ocean by toxic waste , acid rain ,and garbage is throw into the ocean .People think they don't cause acid rain well if you drive that smoke that's coming of your car it forms acid rain

Can building corrode?

They corrode due to acid rain. Smoke from the factories dissolve in rain to form acid rain.

Will my paintballing smoke grenade still work if I left it outside overnight in the rain?

No, your paintballing smoke grenade will not work if left outside overnight in the rain.

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