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Car stalls when engine is warmed up will not start on it's ownbut will start fine with a jump?


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September 12, 2011 2:48PM

Im thinking you may want to look into a possible prob. with your alternater..


Personally I've experienced this myself I'd say it was the advance not the alternator. On the distributor most often , you'll find either an electronic or vacumm advance . If it's a gas engine when it gets hot before it stalls if the engine starts to knock or sound like a diesel engine then it can be pretty safe to say it's an advance problem or if you don't have an electric distibutor see if the cap and the base are tight if one of those is loose then the timing for your spark would be off and as the vehicle gets hot the advance if working proparly would advance the timing out of sink beyond the reach of the spark inside the distibutor cap and Knock or diesel and eventually stall and not start until it cooled unless jump started in which case the extra juice gives bigger spark and extends its reach within the distibutor cap.

check the distibutor for tightness if its not then try starting your car and ever so slightly turn the distibutor until your engine sounds better its a quick fix and may take a couple of tries but it should help. if it is tight then look into getting an timing advance most part store can help explain the replacement (very easy and straight forward) or even help diagnose it but if your part store doesn't seem to help or don't really know much them selves find a new store too