Catholic James II was deposed as King in favor of his Protestant daughter?

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Suppose a game uses a spinner with five equal sections numbered 1-5 to determine the value of tokens given to the player spinning it. What is the expected value of the number of tokens?
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Was King James II overthrown?

Yes, By the "Glorious Revolution" financed by the pope and Jewish dutch banking houses who finally got their charter to create the Bank of England.

Was King Charles I Protestant or a Catholic?

\n. \nHe was a Protestant. His wife was Catholic. Many people accused him of being a catholic because he wore extravagant clothing and Catholics were known to like extravagant things.

Which was first the Catholic or King James?

Roman Catholic Answer There was not an "official" Catholic Bible until the fourth century, when Pope St. Damasas asked St. Jerome to produce the Vulgate. Before that it was just different Old Latin translations, and various manuscripts in Greek. The King James Version wasn't produced until the sixt ( Full Answer )

Is King James version a Catholic bible?

No, the King James Version of the Bible, known as the Authorized Version, is a protestant Bible translation that was ordered by King James for use in the Anglican Church, it was a very late (and bad) translation of the Bible into English. There had been numerous English Bibles for centuries prior to ( Full Answer )

Was King James Catholic?

No king James wanted to get away from the Catholic Church and started his own church the church of England.

If the Protestant Bible is King James what is the name of Catholic Bible?

Catholic Answer There is no "Protestant Bible". The Bible translation most commonly used by protestants is the Authorized Version, commonly known as the King James Version, which is the name of a translation of the Bible. The Bible is a whole collection of books, and as such does not have a name. ( Full Answer )

Was Charles II Protestant or Catholic?

Charles II was himself a liberal and tolerant Protestant until he converted to Catholicism on his deathbed. He died on the 6th February 1685.

Why was King James II overthrown?

The people of England were all Protestant, and they disagreed with having a Catholic King, so they overthrew him so the heir of the throne, who was a Protestant, would rule.

Why did the Catholics want to kill King James I?

the group of catholics wanted to assassinate him because he was a catholic but Gu Fawkes was innocent because he was set up by king James' servant! Guy Fawkes was found underneath parliament with a lot of gunpowder but he was set up by the lords servant who was a criminal) but apparently had a new s ( Full Answer )

Who succeeded King James II?

James II Stuart , (born 14 October 1633) succeeded to the title 'King of Great Britain' on 6 February 1685, and crowned 'King of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith' on 23 April 1685. However, as a Catholic Monarch in Anglican England, James' position was somewhat incongruou ( Full Answer )

Why did king James II find North Carolina?

King James didn't "find" North Carolina. Kings gave land grants to people for various reasons and that is what happened in North Carolina. He did name it after his father Charles.

Who Was The Son Of King James II?

It was James Francis Edward Stuart if you want more help google what your asking it might help that's what i did

Why is Phillip II called the Most Catholic King?

Phillip II was known as the " Most Catholic King" because he had extreme control over the catholic church, he even had more control then the protestants did. He was also given this name because he controlled more of the church then any other country had.

King James II attitude toward American colonies?

The political ineptitude of James is clear; he often showed firmness when conciliation was needed, and weakness when resolution alone could have saved the day. Moreover, though he mismanaged almost every political problem with which he personally dealt, he was singularly tactless and impatient of ad ( Full Answer )

Who deposed King Idris of Libya in 1969?


Why did king Henry start a fight between catholics and protestants?

He didn't. There were many rifts between the 'Catholic' Church - especially the Great schism between the Church in the East and the West - long before Henry VIII.. As for the Protestant Church , even this had little to do with Henry, but began long before Henry mostly by Martin Luther, a German mon ( Full Answer )

How is the Catholic bible different from King James?

It contains theApocrypha ( a set of extra-biblical writings, not inspired of God but some are useful for historical purposes like Maccabees's the first 1611 kjv edition contained this as well, but was quickly pulled from all editions following the first edition. It is also translated from the Vulgat ( Full Answer )

How did King James II die?

King James II died from a brain hemorrhage while he was in exile.He died in 1701 and was buried in a tomb.

What is a Catholic Protestant?

At first glance many people think a Catholic Protestant is a contadiction in terms. However there are Protestant (or Reformed) people and churches that identify as Catholic but not Roman Catholic . Catholic means 'universal' or 'general', so some Protestants regard themselves as catholic in the ( Full Answer )

What were the problems that King James II of England had with parliament?

i think you are talking about James I. James I believed in the divine right of kings and did not want anyone to disagree with him. When parliment argued against some of his decisions, he slowly started to listen to them less and less. This was one of the causes of the English Civil War.

What was James II king of Scotland more known as?

James II of Scotland (born October 16, 1430 - died August 3, 1460), reigned Scotland between February 21, 1937, and his death. His nickname was Fiery Face, earned because of a vermilion birthmark on his face.

Was King James you Catholic?

King James VI of Scotland (and I of England) was the son of Mary Queen of Scots and Henry Lord Darnley and he was christened Catholic (his parents religion), however, following his father's murder and his mother's enforced abdication and flight into England and eventual execution under her Cousin Qu ( Full Answer )

Why did the Catholics hate King James?

James II (Stuart) was the last Catholic King of England, Scotland and Ireland. He was deposed by Prince William of Orange (Dutch and his son in law). William better known as King Billy was invited to take the throne by the majority of the English lords and Parliament as they thought James was too pr ( Full Answer )

Why was King James II removed from the throne?

James II converted to Catholicism, and the British people wanted a Protestant monarch. However, they did not immediately decided to get rid of him as a monarch, and were willing to wait for one of his Protestant daughters to take the throne upon his death. When James had a son who would be raised Ca ( Full Answer )

Why did the catholics hate King James 1st?

They hated him because 1. he kicked catholics out of england 2.he fined poor and rich catholics a lot of money 3.He carried on the persecution.

Did King James II have any kids?

King James VII & II of Scotland and England had 9 children by 2 wives and 2 mistresses by his wife Anne Hyde, Duchess of York: Queen Mary II of England and Scotland Born 30 April 1662 Died 28 December 1694 Queen Anne of Great Britain Born 6 February 1665 Died 1 August 1714 By his wife Queen Mary o ( Full Answer )

What is the translation of the bible in the King James version for protestants?

I don't understand what the question is supposed to mean. James himself was, as required by English law, Protestant, and the translation that came to be known by his name was intended for use by the Church of England (and, I suppose, the Scottish kirk... also not Roman Catholic... as well) so the ph ( Full Answer )

Do Catholics and Protestants accept King James Version of the Bible?

There is no way a Catholic should ever accept such a mistake-prone, error-filled, truncated copy of the Sacred Scriptures as the King James Version. The King James Version, named after the famous morally corrupt king of England was a translation based on Martin Luther's truncated version of the Scri ( Full Answer )

Is Protestant Catholic?

No. Answer If you mean 'catholic' with a small 'c', then yes. the word 'catholic' simply means 'universal' and so the Protestant Church is part of the universal Christian Church worldwide. If you mean 'Catholic' with a large 'C' - this usually refers to the Roman Catholic Church and, though the ( Full Answer )

How old is King James II of Scotland?

King James II of Scotland was born on October 16, 1430 and died on August 3, 1460. King James II of Scotland would have been 29 years old at the time of death or 584 years old today.

How old is King James II of Aragon?

King James II of Aragon was born on August 10, 1267 and died on November 2, 1327. King James II of Aragon would have been 60 years old at the time of death or 747 years old today.

Was King Henry the 8th a catholic or a protestant?

King Henry VIII was born a Catholic, and remained one until the pope would not grant him a divorce from his first wife, Catherine of Aragon. He then decided not to remain with Catholic Church, and to form a separate church in England-- a protestant one. So by the time he died, he was officially a pr ( Full Answer )

Why is King James II important?

king james was important because he was a king and he help america to succed because he wanted peoples to be free i mean not being slaves or something else that peoples would never want to be the.. VOTE FOR ME BECAUSE I WRTOTE THIS FROM THE INSIDE OF ME.... please vote for me ok

Why is Phillip II called the ''Most Catholic King''?

"Most Catholic King" is a title that was given by the PopeAlexander VI to King Ferdinand of Aragon and his wife, Isabella;and from there to all their descendants who sat on the throne ofSpain.. from The Catholic Encyclopedia: A title of the Kings of Spain. The title was given to Ferdinand ofAragon ( Full Answer )