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Check engine light plus on ETS light on plus car jerks when put in gear?


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ETS stands for Electronic Traction System, check your owners manual. It controls your car's slippage on ice and other surfaces. Something might have happened with your ETS as your service engine light is on. Jerking in gear could be a torque converter problem or bad cluthes in the tranny.


The Jerking in gear is caused by the SAME problem as what is causing your "ETS off" light to come on. If any aspect of the ETS system fails the entire thing wont start up and will cause a chain of other things to "appear" wrong when you run the car. More often then not this is caused by a bad sensor that can easily and cheaply replaced.

Don't listen to these goofballs who are telling you you need new transmissions, clutch's, or throttle bodies. That will just be money down the drain.

HOWEVER, if you keep driving your car when the "ETS off" light comes on, you run the risk of causing actual damage to those areas and more, THEN you might need to replace those. But initially THEY are not part of the problem. Fix it early, fix it right, and you avoid more chain reaction problems down the road.


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first thing to check is the gearbox oil remember you have to check the oil with the engine running

The engine may be idling to high. Also check the transmission fluid level, it may be low.

There are pages and pages of things that can cause a check engine light. You need to have it checked with a scantool. Then the code can be diagnosed and repaired.

When an automatic car jerks into fourth gear it could be the transmission. You may need transmission fluid or a new transmission. A licensed mechanic can check the car.

Check for codes if you have a check engine light illuminating.

Check differential fluid and replace is necessary. This will help the gears from jerking. Also, check your vaccum hoses and make sure none are leaking.

i have a 2002 saturn ls2. my transmission jerks in first and second gear and when i put on breaks. what should i do?

TAke it to auto zone and have the codes read for free/

Code P0731 means A/T first gear signal fault

i had a horrible idle and occasional die and occasional code 43 in my da9 91 integra and when i had the belt put on befor dropping the engine in the place that did it had each cam gear one tooth in the direciton on each fixed and solved alot of problems, check it real good

you are going too slow for that gear your engine has very little torque at low rpm

If the automatic transmission car jerks when accelerating and the dash does not indicate a gear, there is a problem with the transmission. Check the shift solenoid.

Your car has an electronically controlled transmission. The computer will trip the Check Engine light when a problem is detected in the transmission. First check the fluid level as outlined in your owner's manual. Do Not Overfill!!!! If the fluid level is OK, then take it to a transmission expert and have it looked at.

sounds like a (tps) throttle position sensor. need to have it put on a scanner to check what trouble codes are stored in the ecm.

You can 1st try to disconnect the batteries overnight then try pressing the "hold"button just under the shifter gear button . The one reason also is because you have a transmission problem which can really cost you. Engine check light on bcoz of a managerie of probs. with regards to the engine. Have OBD codes read to be sure.

If a car jerks into fourth gear, the transmission may be slipping. The car could also need transmission fluid. A licensed mechanic can help with more information.

that yellow light is the low coolant light either that or if its a manual it really really REALLY wants you to find the next gear

my spaider 2002 model my car shown engine check light. my car engine start but car not run. and gear shifting number not shown. now how can i do?

Check and make sure the gas cap is on all the way. after a few trips of driving with it back on correctly the light should go off if it's that.

You need to have the system checked for codes. The computer that controls the trans has most likely detected a problem and set a code. That can cause the trans to be locked into second gear.

means its time for a new trannsmission, and you probably put it in gear when moving .... i have an impala and if u take it out of gear when it is in motion say good bye to the tranny

On a 1996 Ford Probe : Just below and to the left of the check engine light is the ( O/D OFF light , that indicates that the Over Drive , or top gear of the automatic transaxle / transmission has been switched off ) if the Over Drive has not been switched off and the light stays on or is flashing a problem has been detected Just below and to the right of the check engine light is the air bag readiness light , if the light stays on or is flashing a problem has been detected with the Supplemental Restraint System / air bag

check for vacuum leak or dirty fuel filter

Is there a Check Engine Light on? Some Chrysler models have a transmission crippler that when the Check Engine light goes on you must hobble it to the dealership. Thank God that they don't have these on more cars.Go to a trusted mechanic or the dealership, have them diagnose it. Unless you have an OBD II diagnostic then pull the code and google it.

it jerks because if it is automatic it is goin down a gear

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