Chevy Venture idles high

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I have a 2001 chevy venture and I never had any probs. Only thing is the electrical goes out about 180,000 miles

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Q: Chevy Venture idles high
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My engine idles too high?

On my Chevy truck it idles high when its low on antifreeze but if its not that more than likely its usually a vacuum line loose or cracked. good luck.

Why does Chevy Impala idles to high?

depending on the year some impalas have 6 inch glasspacks

Is there more than one horn on a 1997 Chevy Venture and what is the tone low or high?

My 97 Venture has two but I believe both are low.

How to change the engine on a Chevy Venture?

raise the front up high and drop the engine and trans together out the bottom

What might be the problem if your 1995 Chevy blazer starts but idles really high and when you hit the gas or put it in gear it dies?

YOU WILL DIE! have you check your IAC ??

Why your 1994 Chevy Camaro 3.4L v6 idles high?

it could be the idle speed sensor located on throttle body however i replaced mine and it still idles high. The code indicates lean air/gas mixture so i am still looking for small vacumm leak

Why does my 86 Chevy caprice shift too early the transmission fluid is fine and it idles too high in the mornings?

There's a detent cable from the trans to the intake, check it out.

Why 1991 Chevy silverado idles for a while then jumps to high idle?

I have 91 chevy k1500, It does this, Sometimes it will idle a few minutes, then jump to high idle and check engine light comes on, And sometimes its as soon as i start the engine... I was told it was a vacum leak, But im no mechanic

350 fuel injected Chevy idles to high?

Check for a vacuum leak or sticking butterfly valve at the throttle body, or possibly a sticking throttle linkage or throttle cable.

1997 Dodge Intrepid idles high why?

vacuum leak

What is a venture investment?

A venture investment is an investment in a new company (or "venture") which usually bears a high risk of failure, but a correspondingly high return on succes.

Where is the hazard flasher in Chevy Venture 1998?

It is built into the multifunction switch which controls your signals,high beams,cruise,etc...have to replace entire unit.

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