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Chevy Venture idles high?


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I have a 2001 chevy venture and I never had any probs. Only thing is the electrical goes out about 180,000 miles

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On my Chevy truck it idles high when its low on antifreeze but if its not that more than likely its usually a vacuum line loose or cracked. good luck.

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raise the front up high and drop the engine and trans together out the bottom

it could be the idle speed sensor located on throttle body however i replaced mine and it still idles high. The code indicates lean air/gas mixture so i am still looking for small vacumm leak

I have 91 chevy k1500, It does this, Sometimes it will idle a few minutes, then jump to high idle and check engine light comes on, And sometimes its as soon as i start the engine... I was told it was a vacum leak, But im no mechanic

Check for a vacuum leak or sticking butterfly valve at the throttle body, or possibly a sticking throttle linkage or throttle cable.

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see previous answers, but if it idles high it might be the Mass Airflow Sensor. if your car idles too high for too long and you keep driving it, you could burn out the transmission module (very expensive )

1995 blazer350 v-8 wont start unless i use starting fluid,once on it idles high

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throttle posistion sensor or vacuum leak

Year? Replace ECTS and clean the throttle body

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you might have pulled a vacuum hose off

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trash in carb or muffler stopping up.

A vacuum leak is one possibility. More info on the vehicle would help.

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