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Classification of computer according to speed?


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classification of computers according to speed?

  • micro computer
  • mini computer
  • mainframe computer
  • super computer

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According to sizeā€¢ Supercomputersā€¢ Mainframe Computersā€¢ Minicomputersā€¢ Workstationsā€¢ Microcomputers, or Personal ComputersAccording to speedmicro computermini computermainframe computersuper computer

What is the classification of computer according to its capacity?

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according to me according to size super computer mini computer work stations

What are computer classification by size?"

Classification of computers according to operation can be dome into three man parts. The three categories are analogue, digital and hybrid computers.

what are the classification of micro computer

BusinessScientificProcess ControlSignal ProcessingGeneral Purpose

classification of computer according to application 1.general purpose computer :- general purpose computer are use for specific economic purpose.for instance computer are used for accounting and payrolls.pc is the best example of g.p.c. 2.specific purpose computer :- specific purpose computer are designed to solve a specific problem. for instance specific purpose computer only numeric data or to completely control automated manufacturing process.

What is the classification ofcomputer storage.

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classification of computers according to their capasity

Based on data handled, computers can be classified into three. Analog, digital and hybrid.

Classes of computers implies the different classification and categorization of computers according to manufacturer, time of discovery among others. Types of computer focuses on the size and model of a computer.

The speed of the computer processor.

Computers are classified according to purpose they are designed for.Desktops, Laptops, Servers, Mainframes, Super Computers etc.

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