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check the fluid in the rear end it might be dry causing medal to grind causing a clunk noise or the gears in the rear end or worn done causing it to do the same thing

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โˆ™ 2008-11-26 04:12:56
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Q: Clunk in your rear end of your 95 ranger when you take off ujoints have been replaced what else could it be?
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What causes a clunk in the transmission on a 2001 ford ranger?

It could posibly be a bad transmission mount or a universal joint on the drive shaft or even maybe loose torque converter bolts

What causes a loud clunk in the front of your '96 Mazda when you are stopping?

Just out of curiousity, how is the transmission in this vehicle. Could the transmission be out of sync with the engine? This has happened to me when i had the transmission replaced in a dodge caravan, Good Luck

I have a 2002 Chevy Malibu 3.1 engine what causes the transmission to clunk from park to drive or reverse when it warms up. I already replaced the trans but it still does the same?

could be bad mounts on either the tranny or engine?

Can bad tie rods cause noise?

They could squeak, rattle, bang , clunk.....

Why would my car make 2 popping sounds when I back out of a space?

Could be your tranny is popping into revers gear rough or if its a RWD car your driveshaft has alot of slack in it and the ujoints need replaced also could be bad differential gears if its a RWD car. Hard to really say without seeing and hearing it.

1997 ford ranger xlt 4 cylinder When applying the brakes front starts to shimmy 30 mph or faster?

i just replaced my rotors on my 97 ranger , they werepitted and warp and could not be turned

What is wrong when you hear a clunk upon starting your car?

It could be many things. Go get your car checked.

2000 ford ranger 2wd clunk noise in manual transmission when accelerating?

could be u-joints are loose or worn; check all the bolts on and around the driveshaft to be sure they`re torqued to spec, also check your rear suspension components for wear.

What causes a clunk on left turns on your dodge shadow?

Worn CVC joint. Could be bad struts causing the spring to bind. Depends how severe the clunk is. If it is struts, it sounds like the floorboard is getting hit by a sledge hammer.

You replaced the lightswitch on your 1988 ranger but the headlights still wont work could your problem be the dimmer switch?

Yes, the dimmer switch could be at fault but, be sure the bulbs are okay before you spend anymore money.

What could cause a clunk in a 2000 GMC pickup when shifting into drive?

Loose universal joint(s) in drive train.

What causes whistling sound under 2001 GMC truck?

actually I just had this problem and believe it or not it was the driveshaft u joints. It could also be your catylac converter. Get under the truck and hit the converter with your hand. If you here some rattling noises your converter is shot. Too check your ujoints just give the driveshaft a good wiggle to see if ujoints are shot

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