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May be clutch cable sticking, clutch lever on the gearbox sticking or the actual friction plate in the clutch sticking on the shaft. the latter would probably mean taking the gearbox out to check. The clutch lever on box is easily oiled but usually the return from a clutch is great enough to pull it back but check anyway.

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Q: Clutch sticks down when driving once in a while why?
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98 cavalier clutch pedal sticks in the down position?

clutch needs replacing good luck! not a fun job

Your 91 areo star jumped out of gear while driving down the road and now won't shift?

sounds like you smoked out the clutch....

Should you press Clutch and brake at the same time when driving?

You use the clutch to change gears or stop. Not necessary when slowing down.

What would cause a automatic transmission to slip in and out while driving down the road at norm speeds?

worn out trans most likely clutchs or oneway clutch <sprag>

How do know the clutch is slipping?

Usually when you are driving down the road and you punch it, your RPM's will jump then go back down. I had this problem in my 1988 S-10 and about 2 weeks later the clutch went.

Does your clutch need replacing?

yes it does!.like all parts of a car, it depends on your driving style as well as manufacturer recomendation...for example if you tend to dump your clutch often then you clutch will need to be replaced can tell when to replace your clutch by the feel of it when driving, if it tends to slip often or it is hard to engage a gear without depressing your clutch pedal several times, its high time to replace your clutch...when driving dont make it a habit to 'ride the clutch' ie:using your clutch when going down hill to disengage your gear without leaving the gear in neutral..

For a manual transmission will the clutch wear faster if you go down a hill on neutral?

No, it will not wear the clutch faster That is a VERY unsafe driving practice. By putting the car's transmission into neutral, while going down a hill, you are now relying 100 percent on the car's brakes to slow and stop the car. This is very dangerous. The much safer way to do this is..........downshift to second gear and use the engine and the gears to slow down, while "covering the brake pedal" with your left foot, in case you need to stop rapidly. With a manual transmission, when you put it in neutral, you have dis-connected the engine from the drive wheels. The clutch pedal and the clutch plate are the parts that allow you to change gears without grinding them. Excessive clutch plate wear comes from "riding the clutch pedal" with your left foot, while driving along. Doing that partially engages the clutch plate, and makes it wear out rapidly. You should take your left foot completely OFF the clutch pedal when NOT shifting gears, and place it on the floor, away from the pedal.

Where is the slave cylinder located on a 1997 suzuki sidekick?

Answer: Normally located down by clutch arm (that sticks out between the engine and transmission). How do you locate it? The clutch pedal depresses a clutch master cylinder on the firewall (driver side). Follow the hose line down to the where the clutch arm is located. NOTE: don't get the brake master cylinder and clutch master cylinder confused, its easy if you do not work on cars regularly.

Your 95 Corsica makes a roar noise when driving and the noise slows down as it accelerates what is it?

A faulty fan clutch.

How do you make a safe stop at a red light while driving a motocycle?

I my self held the clutch and softly and pump the rear brakes. this will slow you down to where you can comfotably apply more pressure to a rolling stop.

How do you slow down your car while driving?

Press the brakes or down shift

While in good motion is it required to press clutch fully to change gear?

To shift up, no, a full clutch squeeze (disengagement) is not required. To shift down, it is strongly recommended to completely squeeze the clutch in. Sqeezing the clutch lever all the way in to the grip reduces loads on the transmission, so in common street riding applications it is best to disengage the clutch fully while shifting either up or down.

Is it bad to not use your clutch while down shifting and up shifting in a civic SI?

Yes, always use your clutch for any kind of shifting

How do you unstick a clutch on a ford 9n?

Pull start it in a mid range gear. While pushing down on the clutch pedal stab the brakes. It may take a while so make sure you have room to drive. If that does not work you will have to split the tractor at the clutch housing.

How do you use clutch in pro street?

read the instruction manual in the book. or hold the clutch button down while u change gears. pretty simple

Why does your 91 Ford Bronco 5.8L idle high It will be OK then after driving the idle will stick Sometimes it will kick down but sticks again after driving?

Idle Air Control Motor malfunctioning.

What causes a car to shut down while driving?

when the engine dies

Why would the clutch pedal on your 1996 ford fiesta stick down after driving for a short period?

Most likely, a broken pressure plate.

What band was playing on viva la bam while they were racing down the snow hill?

Clutch! they're great!

What should you do when a guy sticks his hand down your shirt and grabs your nipple while kissing?

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How do you shift down on a 1 down 3 up motorbike?

Shut the throttle. Pull in your clutch. Kick the gear lever down. Let out the clutch. More advanced: Shut the throttle. Pull in your clutch. Kick the gear lever down. Blip the throttle - let out the clutch.

What does it mean when oil pressure goes up and down when driving?

my oil pressure goes up while I'm driving and back down when I stop what could cause that

2001 jetta vr6 what does it mean when your clutch sticks to the floor but works fine after you pull it up?

Sorry but that's kinda funny. Well if it is going to the floor and your pulling it back up that's not how it is suppose to work. Check the clutch fluid and make sure its at the top if it is not then top it up. Go to a parts supplier and they will sell you the right fluid to top it up. If it is a the top then it will need a new clutch put in. The reason they go to the floor is because either 1. The person driving doens't know how to drive standard or 2. The person driving does way to many burn outs which wears the clutch pressure plate down so far that it cant push itself back up. If it needs a new clutch make sure that you replace the throw out brearing, clutch plate and pressure plate.

Why does my Dodge Dakota stall out when I slow down or stop and stumbles while driving down the highway?

Oxygen censor

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