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I see someon has AP US History like me SAME exact question so in New England innocent witches were dying because of a governtment with a great influence by the church

--In New England, except in RI, the Puritan/Congregationalist faith was the established church. Ministers received financial support from taxes. There wasn't much religious tolerance, and religion was a huge part of everyday life. The Halfway Covenant would be a good thing to put into your answer. Eventually, New England started to shift away from strict Puritanism. They started to preach about good works, which was associated with the Anglican church.

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Q: Compare the way religion shaped the development of colonial societyto 1740 in New England and Middle Atlantic?
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How did religion socially inflenced in colonial development?


Compare the ways in which religion shaped the development of colonial society to 1740 in the New England and Middle Atlantic regions?

The development of colonial society was influenced by and characterized by religious conflict. Religious competition, dissension and persecution motivated the very founding of the colonies. In the case of Maryland and New Netherlands, religious conflict prevented greater unity.

Religion in colonial Pennsylvania?

The religion of Colonial Pennsylvania was Christian.

What was the religion of the colonial religion?


Colonial Delaware's Religion?

the colonial Delaware's religion was that you could practice any kind of religion you want!

What was the religion of colonial New Jersey?

The religion of colonial New Jersey is the Anglican church which was the English religion at the time.

What was the role of religion in the development of colonial New England and Pennsylvania?

The Puritans settled New England and the Qualers Pennsylvania as a place of refuge.

Main Religion in colonial New Hampshire?

The main religion in colonial New Hampshire was Puritan.

How important was religion in colonial New York?

RELIGION WAS VERY IMPORTANT in colonial New York!!!!!!!

Why was religion important to Colonial America?

Religion in Colonial America discusses the beginnings of religion in America, ... Overall, religion was an important aspect in the colonization of America.

What was Connecticuts Religion?

their religion was puritans in colonial Connecticut

What was the religion of the colonial Carolinas?

AnswerThey had freedom of religion.

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