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Contractor rents stole money can i put a lien on landlords property to get my down payment money back?

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2011-09-12 15:13:06

The question is not quite clear, however, I will try to provide

an answer. I am assuming that you are the renter and you contracted

with an unscrupulous contractor. Since the contract is between you

and the contractor, you will not be able to lien the property to

get your money back as the landlord was not part of the contract.

There may be restrictions in your rental agreement that prevents

any modifications to the property without the landlords consent.

Provided that you have proof of payment and a formal written

agreement, you may need to go to small claims court. In California,

contractors are not allowed to take deposits over 10% or $1000

dollars, whichever is less. Depending upon how much you gave them

as a down payment, there may be a legal violation that can be

addressed also, depending upon the laws in your state.

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