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The question is not quite clear, however, I will try to provide an answer. I am assuming that you are the renter and you contracted with an unscrupulous contractor. Since the contract is between you and the contractor, you will not be able to lien the property to get your money back as the landlord was not part of the contract. There may be restrictions in your rental agreement that prevents any modifications to the property without the landlords consent. Provided that you have proof of payment and a formal written agreement, you may need to go to small claims court. In California, contractors are not allowed to take deposits over 10% or $1000 dollars, whichever is less. Depending upon how much you gave them as a down payment, there may be a legal violation that can be addressed also, depending upon the laws in your state.

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Can a contractor lien the property and my vehicle?

Yes and no. The contractor can file a lien against your house for non-payment. Even if you honestly don't owe the contractor any money, he may still lien your house; he will eventually have to prove the lien's validity in court or it is automatically released. No lien can be filed against your car. However, if the contractor gets a judgment against you, that judgment may be executed against your car and home to secure payment.

Hiring a landscape contractor is a waste of money.?

Hiring a landscape contractor is a waste of money.

What type of insurance is Landlord insurance?

Landlord insurance is an insurance for landlords for there property. Yes , it is important to have because it could potentially save you a lot of money.

What is retention money or security money?

When you rent an apartment, landlords usually ask for a security deposit equal to a month's rent. Renters can potentially cause all sorts of problems for landlords, they can damage the property that they rent, they can refuse to pay their rent, etc. This way landlords have at least some ability to penalize a tenant who causes these kinds of problems, by refusing to return the security deposit (in part or in full).

How to pay property taxes?

Hand deliver check, cash, money order and etc what ever your local tax property office will accept as a payment and give you a receipt for or you could mail the payment to the correct mailing address.

What is the role of a contractor?

Hi, Contractor is a person that get work for some money.

Can a homeowner acting as the general contractor be sued by a sub-contractor in Florida?

It depends. if they are sueing you for non payment and its ur fault then yes. but if the insurance company holds the money and th contractors sign a waiver lien then no. they do that just to intimidate you.

What can the insurance company do for you after the contractor takes the money and doesn't repair your house?

Not much. Your insurer provides funds for a covered loss. You choose your contractor that you want to do the work. It is the homeowners responsibility to hire a reputable (preferably insured) contractor to perform the repairs.

Where did people go when the had money in the g famine reat?

They went to the landlords when they had no money during the famine

Why do landlords become slumlords?

Landlords own and rent out properties to other people. The responsibility of the landlord is to maintain the property and ensure local building codes are maintained for the safety and welfare of the renters. The cost of maintenance related to rental properties can vary depending on many factors. It is very possible the landlord is unable or unwilling to spend the money necessary to properly maintain the property. In this case the continued deterioration of the property allows it to become a "slum". When the income produced by the rental property is insufficient to support the maintenance of the property this commonly results in the condition above.

What if a landlord doesn't pay mortgage with tenants money?

Then the landlords mortgage will go into default and if he/she continues to not pay the mortgage the property will be foreclosed on, and yes, you will be left in on the street. there is nothing that says (unless it is in specifically in your rental agreement) what your land lord has to do with the money.

How do residential contractors get paid?

Depending on the subcontractor, a written proposal for the work is accepted, and once done, an invoice is sent for payment. The contractor typically has a construction loan that these bills are paid from. The bank will inspect the work to be sure it meets specs and permits and then release the money for payment.

Is a property owner liable for a mechanic's lien filed by a landscaping company when the contract was entered into by the renter without the owner's knowledge?

No. The contractor must sue the tenant for the money due.

How do you get your mortgage company to release your insurance check Adjuster reported home is completed Mortgage company wants to send last check to a contractor?

Was this a total loss? The money should go to the contractor unless you have already paid him out of pocket then the money would go to you only what it cost to rebuild home and only what you paid the contractor. The mortgage company pays the contractors directly to be sure that they are paid in full and not mechanics liens are on the property. Provide proof of paid in full acknowledged by the contractor and the company will then release the check to you.

How do I get money back from contractor who didn't do job?

Getting the money back from a contractor that did not do the job will probably be a challenge in many cases. You can ask for the money back. If they wont give you the money back, you may have to file a civil suit in the courts.

Is a loan the same thing as rent?

Of course not. A loan is not a payment, but rather an entrusting of another person with your property (or money), expecting it to be returned. Rent is simply a payment in exchange for possession of something for some defined period, and it will not be returned. Similarly, a security deposit for renting property is not a loan and is not rent: it remains the property of the tenant, but is held by the landlord until the tenancy is discharged.

Difference between simple mortgage and English mortgage?

In a simple mortgage,the mortgagor without delivering possession of the mortgaged property binds himself personally to pay the mortgage money and agrees expressly or impliedly that if he fails to pay the debt and interest in terms of the mortgaged deed, the property will be sold and the proceeds applied in payment to the mortgaged money.In an English mortgage,a mortgagor binds himself to repay the mortgaged money on certain date and transfers the mortgaged property absolutely to the mortgagee subject to the provision that he will re-transfer it to the mortgagor upon payment of the mortgaged money as agreed.

How money work?

Money is a form of payment

How can they put a lien on your home if you paid the contractor?

The problem is the Contractor hasn't paid someone, such as if it were a roofer and he owes his supplier money for materials he purchased for the work done on your home. I've dealt with a similar situation, to where my business supplied labor to a janitorial company that provided service at a university. We were forced to file liens against the university in order to receive payment. Make sure that your contractor is in good standing with his suppliers. It's not offensive to a responsible contractor to ask questions as "Who is your supplier?".

What is bill payment?

A payment of money for someting, e.g.dinner at a restaurant

Does property insurance cover damage to tv?

Depends on your terms and conditions. Usaully you have be very deligent to get your money. If you rent your landlords insurance under PA state law should cover damages unless its willful destruction.

What is the meaning of charge by deed expressed by way of legal mortgage?

It means an interest or right in a property created in favour of a lender of money as security for payment of a money loaned. It's accorded the status of a mortgage.

What is meant by lien balance in banking?

The right to take and hold or sell the property of a debtor as security or payment for a debt or duty.Also can be said asSecurity Money

How do you collect monies owed to a business by a contractor for work you performed on a property?

Place a lien on the property,house,etc. You will have to go to the courthouse where the property is and file a lien against the person(s) who owes the money. If it's a house,building,etc. the property cannot be sold until the lien is solved. It varies by state so check with your local courthouse.

What is the definition of the word distraint?

distress: the seizure and holding of property as security for payment of a debt or satisfaction of a claim; "Originally distress was a landlord's or distress is "the seizure of someone's property in order to obtain payment of rent or other money owed", especially in common law countries. legal right of a landlord to seize the property of a tenant in the event of nonpayment of refers to a contractual term appearing in older form leases, which enabled the landlord to seize a tenant's property where the summary seizure of a chattel to enforce a due payment, satisfaction or of goods/chattels until a payment is landlord's action for recovering arrears in rent by taking possession of and selling the tenant's personal of personal property to compel a person to fulfil a legal obligation. Formerly landlords had the power to distrain against the property of