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You can take screen shots of the pdf files. But it isn't very easy when the pdf files have many pages.

If the pdf has many pages, you can try some pdf to jpg converters like the software in the link below.

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Q: Convert pdf to JPEG
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Why would you want to convert JPEG to PDF?

I want to convert JPEG to PDF because what I've scanned is all text, and is illegible to the receiver, it's blurry.

What are some free software that can convert a JPEG file to a PDF file?

JPEG files can be converted to PDF files by using the free software that can be found on the website called Convert JPG to PDF. If you visit the CNET website you will also find other options.

How do you change JPEG to pdf?

Use an online jpeg to pdf converter service.

How do you convert a pdf file to word?

Try using a multifunction pdf converter ultimate, which will not only convert pdf to word but also can convert pdf to txt, image like RTF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, PCX, TGA and TIFF.

How do you convert docx into JPEG?

2 steps: 1-Convert from docx to pdf. There are several ways to do this, but the best way is (In word) hit Command+P to print. In the print window in the bottom left corner there is a little PDF button. Click that and press "Save as PDF", it is easiest to save to the desktop. 2-Convert from pdf to jpeg Open the converted jpeg in Preview and go File - save as.... In that window there is a choice of many formats, including jpeg. Set the quality and pixel resolution and hit save. Presto!

Is it hard to go from jpg to pdf?

No, it's not very hard to convert a jpg file to a pdf file, you just have to download a program at called Office Convert PDF to JPG JPEG TIFF free.

How to you convert a pdf to a JPEG?

Here are some ways: 1. Take screen shots of the pdf file 2. Use some pdf converting softwares. (In the related links)

How do I change a JPEG to pdf?

Simpo pdf creator can help you can support u to convert any types of document into pdf format. if you wish you can have a try! the address is :

How do you change a JPEG to a pdf?

Use a PDF creator. There are many free PDF creators online or download you can try, It works as a virtual PDF printer. First, download and install it in your PC; Second, open your JPEG need to convert, click "print" from "file" option; Third, select simpo pdf creator lite from lists of printers, click "ok". Just with three steps, your JPEG file will be converted to PDF format.

How do you convert pdf to word document?

I always convert my PDF document to Word with a PDF to Word converter. After installing it in my PC, what I need to do is just to import PDF files and click convert button. You can count on it. just use this multifunction pdf converter ultimate which not only convert pdf to word, but also can convert pdf to txt, image like RTF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, PCX, TGA and TIFF. You can download a software called PDF2Word Converter

Where can I find a PDF converter?

There are many options online that are easy downloaded.,, are a few sites that offer free downloads to convert jpeg to pdf.

How do you convert several JPEG files into one pdf file?

If you want to convert JPEG, .JPG, .BMP, .PNG, .JFIF, .TIFF and .ICO file to PDF file format, I advice more reliable and secure software, you can use Kernel for Image to PDF Converter Tool. That software quickly export image file to PDF file format. To more details visit here :

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