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Cook county department of corrections officer?

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A sworn deputy sheriff apponited as corrections officer assigned to the Cook County Sheriffs Deptment of Corrections (aka) Cook County Jail. Corrections officers must complete a 459 hour academy at the Cook County Sheriff's Institute for Law Enforcement Education and Training.

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Is there a Jacer Medina at Cook County Department of Corrections?

that man is in the cook county department of corrections...he belives his goin to get away with first degree murder

What date is training academy for cook county correctional officer?

September 2012

Is Jack Reed a real police officer in Chicago?

Lt. Jack Reed is a retired Cook County Sheriff.

Can a retired Cook county deputy sheriff legally carry and conceal weapon in Illinois?

no they are no longer a sworn officer

To look up a inmate that live in Chicago I'm looking for Kevin irons he is 30 yrs of age is he lock up if so were in Chicago.?

cook county dept. of corrections

What is the county seat of Cook County IL?

According to the NACo, the county seat of Cook County, Illinois, is Chicago.

Where can one find information on Cook County lawyers?

Information on Cook County Lawyers can be obtained from the County Cook Government website and from accessing the County Cook Law Library at the Daley Center Library.

What date is the next training academy for cook county correctional officer?

I believe it is 3/26/12 and 4/23/12

What county is north of Cook County?

Lake County

Is there County Tax for Cook County Illinois?

Sales tax in Cook County Illinois is 10%, the highest in the USA.

How is the head of cook county?

The head of Cook County is the Cook County Board President. As of May 21, 2010, that office is held by Todd H. Stroger.

What is Illinois largest county?

It is Cook County.

What county is Berwyn Illinois in?

Cook County

What county is Burbank Illinois in?

Cook County

What county is Glenview Illinois in?

cook county

What county is Skokie Illinois in?

Cook County

What is the county seat in Cook County?


What County is Lynwood Illinois in?

Cook County

What county is Chicago Illinois in?

Chicago is primarily located within Cook County, with the exception of a small northwestern portion of the city at O'Hare International Airport that is located within DuPage County. Chicago is the county seat of Cook County.

What is the population of Cook County?

That depends entirely on which Cook County you are requesting information about or if you actually meant to spell it as Cooke. There are four Cook or Cooke Counties in various states across the US. According to, the 2007 estimated total population of each of these Cook and Cooke Counties and which state they are located in are listed alphabetically as follows:# Cook County, Georgia: 16,432 # Cook County, Illinois: 5,285,107 # Cook County, Minnesota: 5,398 # Cooke County, Texas: 38,486

Is cook county jail still working?

Cook County, Illinois built a new jail.

If you got married in Cook County Illinois can you file for divorce in Cook County Illinois?


When was cook county Illinois established?

Cook County, Illinois was founded January 15, 1831.

When was Live in Cook County Jail created?

Live in Cook County Jail was created in 1971.

Is it cheaper to buy wedding flowers in Will County Illinois or Cook County Illinois?

In general, Will County has cheaper sales taxes and prices than Cook County.