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On my 93 Buick Century is located behind the left headlight, and it's the fourth relay if you are looking from the inside out. It has 2 thick wires, one red and the other one BLK/RED, plus another two thinner wires, BRN/WHT and DK GRN/WHT

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Q: Cooling fan relay location 1984 Buick century?
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The 1996 Buick Century horn relay switch is located behind the dashboard. The relay switch will be on the drivers side of the dashboard.

Location of cooling fan relay switch for 1993 buick century 3300 V6 3.3 liter?

it is located on the right side behind the head light and it is the last relay next to the radiator

Why won't the cooling fans work on a 1998 Buick Century?

check fan relay/fan relay control module

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Need the model year to provide an answer. '96, Thank you.

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1997 buick lesabre fan relay location I found them just need to know which one it is. 5 and then 2 on the other side. How do they come out for replacement?

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