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Could Adolf Hitler have won the war if he had not made tactical mistakes?

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July 15, 2015 6:29PM

He made both tactical and strategic mistakes. The tactical

mistakes were mostly made after Germany was losing the war, due to

the strategic mistakes. As Germany was forced onto the defensive

Hitler refused to let his generals maneuver. They, knowing what

they were doing, wanted to be able to use their armor and motorised

transport to shift forces around, pull back and regroup and

counterattack. Hitler, having a foolish and simplistic idea of

warfare, declared, "From where once the German soldier plants his

foot, he never withdraws!" Thus the German troops were often forced

to stand and die in place when they could have been withdrawn to

fight another day. Germany's first big mistake was not taking

Dunkirk when they had the British army surrounded. The place could

have been captured but it was not and the British army escaped.

Thus they were able to fight again. Had Britain had no army, even a

beaten one with no artillery or heavy equipment, they might have

had much less fighting spirit during the Battle of Britain.

Germany's next mistake was in the Battle of Britain. They began by

attacking the British airfields. Although the British planes and

pilots were superior to the Germans in many respects, the steady

attrition of the airfileds was steadily making it harder and harder

for them to keep their planes flying and get them in the air. At a

point when the RAF was within two to three weeks of being knocked

out altogether, Hitler suddenly ordered terror bombings of London

and other cities. Although that caused great damage, it allowed the

RAF to fix its airfields, recover its strength, and continue

shooting down lots of German planes. Eventually Hitler gave up and

stopped trying to defeat on invade Britain. He began preparing to

invade Russia instead. That was his third big mistake. If he had

defeated Britain, or at least made peace with her, before attacking

Russia then he would have had significantly more force to put into

the Russian campaign. As it was, large numbers of troops and planes

which could have been used in Russia were tied down defending and

occupying Western Europe. Once he invaded Russia his next mistake

was insisting on doing everything at once. He wanted to take

Leningrad and Moscow and Stalingrad and the Caucuses oil fields.

There simply were not enough troops and supplies to do it all at

once. Hitler was so utterly besotted with his idea of German

superiority that he could not accept the idea that anything he

ordered done could not be done. Thus he absolutely refused to

listen to anyone who ever tried to tell him that something could

not be done. And he wasted hundreds of thousands, if not millions

of troops in doomed defenses of places that could have been

abandoned. And we should be very thankful that he did because that

made defeating Germany much easier. If he had defeated England

before attacking Russia, and concentrated his forces to achieve

strategic objectives in Russia, he could concievably have defeated

Russia before December of 1941. Under those circumstances, the

United States might not even have bothered to go to war with

Germany. If we had, it would have been far more difficult to defeat

them. Michael Montagne

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