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I suppose it's possible. Anytime you start a new Birth Control you should always use a "backup method" of birth control to be safe. Take a home test and if it comes back negative but you still haven't started your period, then consider making an appointment with your ob/gyn for a blood test.

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Q: Could I be pregnant if i started birth control the week before I was supposed to get my period and had sex 3 weeks after I started the pill?
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Can you get pregnant if you switch from the birth control pill to Depo-Provera?

As long as you started the shot on or before the day you were supposed to start your next pack, you have continuous protection while switching from the birth control pill to depo provera.

You had spotting for 3 days right before you were supposed to start your period but it never started could you be pregnant?

It is quite possible.

What if I started birth control for one week but stopped because I missed a couple pills could I have gotten pregnant?

Yes, you are supposed to take your birth control for at least a month before having unprotected sex. If you miss even a day or two you should probably use a condom.

Can you be pregnant before you started the patch started the patch and started to feel sick like pregnancy. took patch off and started to bleed two days after and still feel sick can you be pregnant?

Nausea can be caused by many conditions and medications, including the birth control patch and pregnancy. Take a pregnancy test if you think you're pregnant. If it's negative, restart the birth control patch.

If you are on your period and you start taking birth control and your period stops does this mean you might be pregnant?

It depends on if you had sex before you started your birth control pills. Some pills may make your cycle stop, it's not uncommon. You are supposed to use another method of contraceptive during the first couple weeks of starting birth control. NO IT JUST MEANS THE PILLS ARE WORKING.

Can you still get pregnant if you stop taking the birth control?

Yes. If you stop taking your birth control you are at higher risk of becoming pregnant than before you started taking it. Especially at a younger age. I was on birth control and quit taking it for a week and now I am four months pregnant.

What are the chances of pregnancy if you just started the pill and had unprotected sex 2-3 weeks into it but before your first period while on the pill?

On the label, it warns you to use another type of birth control for the first few months. You need to build up the hormone in your body before it can do what it is supposed to do. If you had sex before it got a chance to build up, then yes, you could be pregnant.

Is it okay if you started your pills before you started your period you were supposed to take them when you started does it make you miss your period that month and is it still effective?

It's fine. Use a backup method of birth control for the first seven days.

Would a doctor give birth control to someone that was possibly pregnant?

they aren't supposed to. they are actually supposed to test youu and see if your pregnant before they give you birth control. but, just recently i went to a gyno, and they asked if i was sexually active. i told them no, but truthfully i am. i just couldn't let my mom find out. they still should of tested mee, but they didn't?

Could you be pregnant if you missed like a week of birth control pills and now you started your period and it's lasted longer is heavier than before?

You can not be pregnant if you have your period at all. However, if you have missed a week of your birth control pills you do have the chance of becoming pregnant if you have unprotected sex.

Not getting your period just started birth control?

It takes a month before the birth control is fully effective so if you had unprotected sex most likely you could be pregnant.

What are the chances of you getting pregnant if you just started taking birth control pills two weeks before you had unprotected sex?

You need to be on birth control pills for at least seven days before you are protected. Therefore if you have been taking the pills correctly, you will not get pregnant 2 weeks after. You need to be on birth control pills for at least seven days before you are protected. Therefore if you have been taking the pills correctly, you will not get pregnant 2 weeks after.

Are you pregnant if your period doenst come but you just started birth control?

When did you start taking birth control and when was your period supposed to come? I know that many doctors recommend that you take birth control pills for about a month before you have unprotected sex. If you're still unsure, I would recommend taking an at-home pregnancy test - some of them can detect pregnancy very early (like as soon as you miss your period, I think).

Just got off implanon and still havent came on period can i still get pregnant without knowing when im supposed to come on?

Yes, if you're not using birth control, you can get pregnant, even before your first post-implant period.

Can a toddler get pregenant?

no a toddler can not get pregnant as you have to have started your periods before you can become pregnant

How long little blood comes before pregnant?

Can you take birth control pills and still be pregnant Can you take birth control pills and still be pregnant

Is it hard to get pregnant after coming off birth control?

Hi, Your question is: Is it hard to get pregnant after coming off birth control? Once you begin ovulating again naturally after coming off the pill your fertility level will be just the same as it was before you started birth control and will not effect your fertility. Once that you come off birth control, Yes you can get pregnant because it is still very easy to become pregnant. If you take your last birth control pill that makes you have your period, and that last day that you have your period, and you have unpertected sex, YES you will conceive.

Is it possible to get pregnant if you have safe sex one hour before your period started?

If it was safe and your period started, then it's unlikely that you're pregnant

If you don't get a pregnancy test before you start birth control can you still be pregnant while you're using it?

Yes you could be pregnant so perform a pregnancy test BEFORE taking birth control.

What is the possibility of getting pregnant on birth control if on the day before you started taking the placebo pill you had unprotected sex but took the pill later that day?

If you've been on birth control for over 4 weeks then you're protected against pregnancy.

Are you pregnant if you bled 2 weeks before your supposed to get your period. Ive been on birth control for 8 months now.?

It's possible. You should wait 14 to 16 days after you had sex to take a home pregnancy test.

If your 11 and haven't started your period can you get pregnant? can only get pregnant when you've started menstruating. So if you have sex before your period starts, you won't get pregnant. But I'm not saying it's the best idea, either.

Is there a way for a girl to get pregnant two weeks before she gets put on birth control?

Yes, you can get pregnant two weeks before you're on birth control if you had sex without doing anything to prevent pregnancy.

Can you get pregnant if you switch from Depo-Provera to the Birth control pill?

If you start the birth control pill before the last day that you could get Depo on time, you have continuous protection. It's unlikely to get pregnant under those conditions. If you started after the last depo due date, use a backup method for the first seven days of the pill pack.

What does it mean if you start your period 2 weeks before you are supposed to while on birth control?

Some birth control pills can affect/alter your cycle, when I first started mine I had a light period for a month, then it stopped, if you are worried though, you should see your doctor. Better get it checked out if you are worried.