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This Can Happen !!!!!!!!! You Need To See Your Doctor, I Also Suggest You Call Your Pharmacist. He Can Provide You With Lots Of Information. GOOD LUCK

2006-07-13 22:40:18
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Q: Could Lamical cause you to develop an itchy rash above your ankle that has continued for three weeks and Cortisone does not help?
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It could be thrush, a fungal infection that results from a depressed immune system (which is a side effect of steroids).

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Can you get a cortisone shot after getting a flu shot?

That could vary according to why the cortisone shot was prescribed. Ask the prescribing health care professional if there is any contraindication in your specific circumstances that would necessitate your waiting before vaccination.

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Is cortisone injection for arthritis safe for heart patient?

Opinion only:Cortisone can have an adverse effect on people who are prone to congestive heart failure or have high blood pressure. If you have one or both health related problems, you must discuss the use of cortisone with your primary healthcare provider, such as your family doctor, beforehand. In addition, it is strongly advised to have your primary healthcare provider refer you to a medical rheumatologist as well. Cortisone prevents the release of substances in the body that cause inflammation; however, it's effects are not permanent. The first time that you receive a cortisone injection (depending on dosage); you may get approximately 12 to 13 weeks of relief. If you immediately receive your second injection, it's effectiveness (in terms of duration) may decrease to approximately 8 to10 weeks. At some point, your system could virtually become immune to cortisone. Put another way, cortisone may no longer provide you with any relief until such time as your system becomes free of its influence. I would advise you to seek the advice of a medical rheumatologist before you take your first cortisone shot. Cortisone is a classic example of: Short term gain - Long term pain. There are alternative arthritic pain management regimes that a rheumatologist may be aware of that your family doctor may not necessarily be aware of.

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