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Could a 1993 Saturn SC1 be blowing only cold air because of a faulty water pump?

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2015-07-15 21:51:21
2015-07-15 21:51:21

No!! It could be that you have air in your cooling system and/or you need to flush your heater core.

Possible but highly unusual. Water pump inpellers will typically outlast the bearings. There is a variety of possibilities that include low coolant, air pocket, bad thermostat, restriction in the flow of the coolant such as in the heater core.

Is your car also overheating? If it is than more than likely it is the water pump. If not your water pump could be ready to go up. A faulty water pump will cause definitly cause your heater to blow out cold air.

it could also be many other things such as bad thermostat, heater core, leak in cooling system, or a clog somewhere in cooling system. I would replace the thermostat first because it is the most likely thing that is wrong and a good place to start. Also it will probobly be needing replacement anyway. How to test your water pump There is a small hole on the side of the water pump, if your water pump isn't pumping, this hole will blow out and you will notice fluid leakage from it.

If that's the case, its your water pump 100%

Also your car will blow cold air for several reason yes, but you can put big money on one of two things.

1. Bad water pump

2. Your engine cooant isn't circulating (leakage or otherwise)

ben Hawkins

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