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Could a 1996 Toyota Celica have permanent engine damage if it was driven for an unknown amount of time three qts low on oil?

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Yes, Driving a vehicle for any sustained period of time, Low on or Lacking oil Can cause severe engine damage, All engines can be damaged with insuffiecent lubrication as it increases friction and promotes rapid engine wear. As Long as you have added oil to the vehicle, and there is no knocking, smoking, tapping or otherwise unexpected operation, then it should be fine and may not have severe damage.

2015-07-15 21:19:09
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How many quarts of oil it does it take to refill a Toyota Celica?

it takes 5 quarts. the same amount for any small engine car. be sure to remove and drain the filter during this process and to install a new one. well that's a load of crap^^My 2002 Toyota Celica GT takes only 3.7 USQuarts.

Why would a 1990 Toyota Celica start and there is no sound from the electric fuel pump?

Spray a small amount of carburetor cleaner in the air intake and if it starts it is fuel related.

How many quarts of oil does it take to refill a 2000 Toyota celica gts?

You should use about 4.8. Ive heard that was the spec, and Ive always used a flat 5, so you will be fine with any amount around there.

How do you swap out a blown engine for a new engine in the 1991 Celica gT?

This is almost impossible to answer. It is too broad. Depending on whats wrong with the engine you might not need swapping. A rebuild is possible. But a 5S-FE engine for the 91 celica is fairly cheap for a low mile running engine. They came in a number of Toyota cars back in the 90's so there is no shortage of them. That's if you want the stock engine.. A more powerful turbo engine is available (from the celica alltrac, celica GT-4 and MR2 Turbo).. a bit more expensive with about the same amount of work.. If you need help or want further information, maybe just some questions answered i would suggest going to its a website dedicated to the Toyota celica.. And covers basically everything.

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