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I also own a 1998 Toyota Avalon and remember getting a letter from Toyota telling me that this engine is subject engine oil build-up within the engine. If the condition were to happen, we were to notify Toyota.

That's about the extent of it but I can't find my letter.

I hope that helps.

I notice now that you asked this question a couple of years ago and probably have received an answer by this time. If not, I think you are referring to the Toyota/Lexus oil gel Customer Support Program. In essence, the announcement concerns several Toyota automobiles and has to do with sludge accumulation that can occur in an engine especially if operated under severe conditions and the oil is not changed according to specifications (at least every 7,500 miles; 5,000 miles preferably). Nothing in the Toyota letter mentions flushing the engine block. Normal engine warranty was extended to eight (8) years.

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2015-07-15 21:25:48
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Q: Could a 98 Toyota Avalon XLS need the engine flushed at 105K miles if the oil has been changed every 3K miles?
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